By now most of have heard of this new Budweiser red light thing. For those of you living under a rock (or who PVR every game and zip through commercials), Bud has come up with a replica goal light which you can sync with your favorite team, install in your house, and have it go off every time your club scores. IT’S LIKE ACTUALLY BEING AT THE GAME. Especially if you like to have belligerent drunk friends over to watch the match with (err, drunk ON BUDWEISER of course. Enjoy responsibly and all that).
Anyhoo, the Bud people tracked us down here at the Nations and asked us to talk about the light to all our readers since obviously you are all incredibly cool hardcore hockey people. We hummed and hawed for awhile but then relented because, frankly, it’s actually a pretty cool idea. Also Wanye became pretty adamant we do it. I suspect they bribed him with a free light to grease the wheels a bit.
So check out the video above for more details and/or click it to see how you can get your hands on one. Or, if you’ve already bought one, you can find out how to install it there too.