It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Canucks fans.
First Nikita Tryamkin deciding to leave for the KHL left a hole in the Canucks defensive unit going forward. Then the draft lottery happened. Now something else to add to the pile.
Originally when the Tryamkin news was reported, it was speculated that his contract with Avtomobilist will be for one year, but it has been reported by Vorky that it is a three year deal:
Vorky is a former KHL reporter, who has reported news on the KHL accurately for awhile. So it’s fair to believe, that if he reporting it, then it is true.
At this moment, there is no report of an out clause for the NHL:
This is unfortunate news for Canucks fans, as there was hope that Tryamkin would consider returning to the Canucks after a year or two in the KHL. Given the length of contract and the cost for Tryamkin to buy it out, it’s fair to believe that he will play out the duration of his contract (ending 2020).
The Canucks retain Tryamkin’s NHL rights until July 1, 2022.