The Canucks are in Ottawa tonight and have decided to make a trade with their host
Tom Pyatt had cleared waivers yesterday but has appeared in thirty-seven games with the Senators this season posting two assists. Since Pyatt was assigned to the AHL earlier today, the Canucks will have a $75,000 cap hit while Pyatt is in the minors as it’s over the maximum buriable. He provides some centre depth for the Comets, which is an area that was sorely lacking.
Mike McKenna had cleared waivers earlier in the season but has been on the Senators roster since November 1st and thus would need to be waived again. He has appeared in 10 games for the Senators this season posting a 3.96 GAA and 0.897 SV%.
Anders Nilsson hadn’t won a game for the Canucks in the last nine starts and it was clear that the experiment was reaching an end. He had appeared in twelve games with the Canucks this season and posted a 3.09 GAA and 0.895 SV%.
Darren Archibald heads to the Senators and will be a big loss for the Comets. Archibald has always been a fan favourite there but unfortuantely the centre position in Utica was so bad that they had to make a move somehow and unfortunately it was at the cost of Archibald.
Lastly, the Canucks add another pick for the 2019 NHL Entry Draft here in Vancouver. At this moment, they now own nine draft picks and it will be the first time that they enter the draft with more the allotted picks. (assuming they stay true to their word of not trading 2019 picks)
This deal is a tidy piece of business for the organization for a variety of reasons:
  • Add a pick
  • Fix an issue in Utica
  • Ensure to get some value out of Anders Nilsson (even if it’s just a sixth)
  • Make the path easier for Demko to get some games
  • Save some more cap space to take on additional salary, if the opportunity arises
This is clearly a small deal in the long run but for the reasons listed above, you can’t really complain about what was done here today. Now McKenna and Nilsson just have to change dressing rooms in Ottawa for the game tonight.