The media didn’t waste any time asking Brock Boeser about the swirling trade rumours and he didn’t waste any time shooting those rumours down.
Boeser spoke with the media via a Zoom call on Thursday morning at 10 AM. I was on the call and got a great quote from him at the end of the call — which we will get to later.
With rumours of a potential trade to the Minnesota Wild making their way around social media, Boeser was asked what he thought about when he hears about trade rumours.
“I haven’t heard too much honestly, I don’t think I’m going to get traded. Obviously, rumours are gonna happen and that stuff is going to be out in the media. I love Vancouver, I love the guys I play with, I love the organization and the fans. I want to be a Canuck. I think our team is right there and we can win a Stanley Cup in the next couple of years. I truly believe that and our coaching staff and our teammates believe that as well. I want to be a Canuck and I want to stay in Vancouver.”
After the initial question about the trade rumours, Boeser was once again asked about them. This time the question posed to Boeser was if he thought that this was just going to be the way it’s going to be.
Boeser replied by saying this:
“I don’t really know where these rumours are coming from or who’s saying them. So, it’s definitely interesting, I think it’s a learning experience. It’s definitely going to pop up, but I don’t know. I don’t want to get traded, I want to be a Vancouver Canuck. But whatever happens, happens I guess.”
You could hear the pain in Boeser’s voice as he tailed away with his response to the second trade rumour question. He clearly wants to be a part of the Canucks for years to come and with a three-year contract that runs to the end of the 2021-22 season, Boeser should be around to see this team develop into a legitimate contender.
I had the last question to Boeser and also felt that I got one of the best answers on the zoom call. I asked him what it felt like for the whole hockey world to look at the Canucks in a different light after they took the league by storm in these playoffs. I two parted that question by adding how confident he was in this young core. His response was excellent to hear.
“Ohhhh, so confident,” he said with a smile on his face.
“I think it’s eye-opening for all of us young guys. We were right there, we’re a young group and just to be that close to the Conference Finals, it’s eye-opening. Our mindset next year throughout the whole season is that we can beat anyone. I think we proved that in the playoffs and I think we felt that we could beat anyone in the playoffs too. I definitely think we are going to be a confident group coming into next year and make another run at the Cup.”
Boeser’s trade rumours have been linked to the Wild for a potential return of Matt Dumba. Dumba is a right-shot defenceman with two years left on his contract with an annual cap hit of six million dollars. His contract has a clause for a modified no-trade for the final two years of his deal. This is why rumours are continuing to churn around Boeser, who happens to be a Minnesota born kid.
In the end, the rumour makes sense, but I’m not sure the deal does.
People just love to stir it up sometimes.