WWYDW: Your feelings following the 2023/24 Vancouver Canucks season

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Stephan Roget
29 days ago
Welcome back to WWYDW, the only hockey column on the internet that is here with you, here at the end of all things.
Speaking of the end of all things, it’s over. The 2023/24 Vancouver Canucks season, that is. A Victoria Day Game 7 defeat at the hands of the Edmonton Oilers put a cap on a campaign that will, given enough time, surely go down as one to remember.
For the moment, however, we understand if the feelings are a little rawer than that, even several days removed from the disappointment.
Thankfully, there’s really no better place on the Canucks-related internet to air those feelings than right here at WWYDW. It’s kind of what we’re built for.
So, first we will provide some instructions. Take two deep breaths. Mentally transport yourself back to September 2023, as Training Camp was just getting going and the 2023/24 was still a mystery box waiting to be unwrapped. Grab hold of your expectations in that past moment, and then relive the entirety of 2023/24, start to finish.
Reflect upon it.
And then sum it up for us.
Since we are expecting a few more responses than usual this time around, we’re going to place a little bit of a creative limit on you, and that limit is three sentences.
One author can only edit so much grammar!
This week, we’re asking you:

What are your feelings on the 2023/24 Canucks season, here in the wake of its immediate aftermath? (Please limit your response to three sentences or fewer.)

Let it be known in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

Who has been the Canucks’ MVP in Round Two against the Edmonton Oilers?

You answered below!
Lindholm, Silovs, and Zadorov.
Lindholm is making Pettersson irrelevant. Which is of course very not good for EP40, but Lindy’s doing it all right now, with consistent effort. Miller’s been pretty good, but wasn’t last night, but at least Boeser is sniping regularly.
I’m debating between Silovs, Boeser, and Lindholm.
Silovs wasn’t his best in Game 1, but did enough to win.
Boeser has had some clutch goals and has driven play.
Lindholm has scored and played well defensively, but didn’t have a good Game 2.
I think I will go with Boeser.
defenceman factory:
Silovs has been amazing. Miller has been incredible containing McDavid. Boeser has never played better. Zadorov has been great. Pick whoever you want and I hope by the end of the series there are a couple more viable options.
It is unfortunate a biased national media and the brain damage Parros suffered from keeping his head up his butt too long are such a distraction from what has mostly been a good series.
Hockey Bunker:
Garland because he goes every single shift and seems to generate offence at critical times.
When he is on the ice, something happens.
Craig Gowan:
Silovs, Boeser, Miller, Suter, Lindholm, Garland, and Zadorov have stood out for me. Hughes has been good, too, and Myers has played his best since becoming a Canuck, but goals win games, so my choice would be Brock Boeser.
Easy answer…Silovs. Without him, you guys are already golfing.
The pride of Burnsville, Minnesota.
Trade Pete:
Hughes is the everything player.
Silovs, luck, Boeser, and the 3rd line, that would be my MVP ranking…
Stephan Roget:
Worth popping in here to mention that despite the issue of players being “passengers” in this series on occasion, it was overall still quite a team effort. That’s evidenced by just how many different players have legitimate cases being made for them here.
Brock Boeser and his timely scoring.
JT Miller and his shutdown heroics.
Elias Lindholm doing a bit of both.
Nikita Zadorov becoming a shifter of narratives.
And, of course, Arturs Silovs returning to National Hero Mode.
And that’s not even mentioning Quinn Hughes, or Conor Garland, or the ever-underrated Pius Suter. Or Carson Soucy, whose suspension absolutely disrupted the Canucks’ flow of control in the series.
The point is that, while it’s easy to focus on those players who did not step up, the amount of players who did is impressive, and a testament to both the Canucks’ strong core and considerable depth.
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