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Stephan Roget
1 year ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that never shuffles the deck.
Speaking of shuffling, the great re-shuffling of NHL rosters is complete for another season. The 2023 Trade Deadline has come and gone, and while Deadline Day itself was a bit of a snoozer, the period of time surrounding it was as busy as it’s ever been, and especially for the Vancouver Canucks.
Going back to January 30, GM Patrik Allvin and Co. made a grand total of seven trades.
Out were Bo Horvat, Luke Schenn, Riley Stillman, Curtis Lazar, Will Lockwood, Wyatt Kalynuk, a second rounder, and a fourth rounder.
In were Aatu Räty, Anthony Beauvillier, Filip Hronek, Vitali Kravtsov, Josh Bloom, a third round pick, two fourth round picks, and future considerations.
The Canucks also briefly got their hands on a New York Islanders’ conditional first, but subsequently flipped that to Detroit in the Hronek deal.
For any given month on the NHL schedule, it was definitely a busy one for the Canucks.
But busy-good, or busy-bad?
We’ll leave that up to you to decide!
This week, we’re asking you to:

Give your performance review for the Canucks’ trades between January 30 and March 3, 2023.

Let it be known in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

What are your predictions for the 2023 Trade Deadline?

You answered below!
Miller to Pittsburgh for two firsts, a second or prospect, a useful player, and Carter as a cap dump to make the money work.
Fan disappointment.
I predict that I will be disappointed. I’ll be disappointed if the Canucks don’t make any more moves at all, and I’ll be disappointed if any remaining moves they do make don’t result in more and/or better draft picks.
bruce donice:
Brock will be moved for pretty much nothing, just a total cap dump. Will he wake up in new surroundings? Who cares? I thought he was getting back to being the Brock he once was, but no, he is pouting and unhappy. Time to make the dressing room a little more upbeat and move Brock.
Who cares anymore? I, for one, just can’t take this crap year after year. Trading that 1st and 2nd round pick puts us back years. Team won’t be relevant again until we trade Hughes and Pettersson to fix the mismanagement of the last two GMs.
Totem Gunn:
1) Canucks will probably add another F tweener on last year of entry-level for basically free.
2) They add yet another AHL goalie to the mix down in Abbotsford and keep up Silovs.
3) Trade a third rounder in 2023 for a 7th defenceman age 23-25.
4)Boeser retained for future considerations.
5) Miller with a 2025 first for Pettersson.
I predict that JR&PA shed salary, then acquire a young center. Seems like that’s their M.O.
I’ll be cheering on Battlebots tonight. I can’t take much more of the FA circus.
A River Named Curt:
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
After the trade for Hronek, it is regrettably clear that management Canucks’ management is committed to the “Three M’s:” mediocrity, “meaningful games in March,” and just missing the playoffs for the foreseeable future, rather than undertaking the heaving lifting of a broader roster restructuring necessary to build a winner. So, I suspect the Canucks will trade their first round pick for a reclamation project or second line winger.
Chris the Curmudgeon:
My prediction is that the Canucks are just about finished. This is where Allvin realizes that the things other people call him about are our “prime assets” or their own “distressed assets.” That would mean Horvat, Schenn, and our draft picks. It would mean Kravtsov from the Rangers. He got a decent deal for Horvat, what he could for Schenn, and got swindled out of the draft picks by a much savvier GM in Yzerman. Dumping Stillman was a solid move, and the Kravtsov trade was low risk, but the only thing left to trade that any competent GM would actually pay for is our own 1st round pick. Surely PA is not daft enough to trade that…
Neal Larter:
As the old saying goes ” IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT. ”
My prediction is Aquilini says it ain’t broke.
defenceman factory:
I predict the Canucks to make one or two more moves of little to no consequence. Maybe they trade a depth winger for a late round pick or swap AHLers to strengthen a weak spot on the Abbotsford roster.
What I’d like to see, which is well within the realm of possibility, is Boeser traded with 30% retention for a late 1st, early 2nd round pick, or decent D prospect.
What would be way beyond expectations is to trade Boeser as above, package the pick with Garland and Lekkerimäki, and trade for a high end D prospect 20-22 years old.
I predict fans that brainwashed themselves into believing the team was doing a rebuild will continue crying like babies. They will say they are leaving the team, but will still show up here to post every day at how upset they are. From management, I predict a salary dump of some sort and people will complain about the salary retention and the lack of return.
Garry MacLeod:
Boeser – Dumba swap, with other pieces in play.
Bartholomew Gimble:
I predict Boeser will be traded with no retention, for a reclamation project who also needs a change of scenery.
I hope it involves Pittsburgh, and I hope it somehow brings us Owen Pickering. I would be willing to include Jeff Carter in this package.
I would love to see Allvin be given a longer-term timeline to build this into a real deep organization. He showed so much promise.
Unfortunately, our idiotic owners have given him their shortsighted vision that will continue the trend of the last eight years for many, many more. There seems to be no way to stop this.
Please, just trade this year’s pick and next. Lets just get rid of any hope right now so that many of us can move on from this madness.
No one is going to take Boeser off your hands without a first. Give them the 2024.
No one is going to take OEL off your hands without a serious sweetener. Just give him back to Arizona along with our 2023 pick. Buying him out will not get you out of this mess and you know it. You need his entire salary gone.
Before the Hronek trade, I was riding a high and most likely would have gone with Demko as a trade deadline move. It is now clear that management is going to do what they said they would do a year ago. The Conor Bedard dream is dead. Putting a trade package together for the 1st overall selection with three picks in the top-40 is dead. Dreams of a Stanley Cup also dead. So we can just miss the playoffs year after year after year. How did we get to the finals in 2011? We drafted 2nd and 3rd overall, and developed those players and then built around them. Sure, build around EP40 and Hughes I am all over that! Then what was the JT Miller contract all about? Management is seemingly just wandering around in the dark trying not to smash their face on the door frame.
speering major:
I hope they can trade Miller for futures and flip those for a younger 2C like Reinhart (because we know they are only re-tooling).
What will happen? They’ll probably give away either Boeser or Garland for pennies on the dollar to free up cap space.
I predict nothing else will happen. Things fell apart with discussions on Miller and Boeser, and other teams moved on and spent elsewhere.

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