WDYTT: Where do you prefer Elias Lindholm in the Vancouver Canucks’ lineup?

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Stephan Roget
2 months ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that loves you unconditionally.
Speaking of conditions, there was one on the fourth round pick involved in the trade that brought Elias Lindholm to Vancouver. But those conditions don’t necessarily have to play out before we can determine whether or not it was a good deal. The Canucks got a steal, anyway you slice it – even if they don’t quite know what they have in Lindholm yet.
Lindholm debuted in Vancouver about as well as anyone could have asked for, scoring two goals in his first game against the team that drafted him.
But he went pointless in his next three, and has yet to find any sort of permanent home on a forward line. Another thing or two has happened since then, but this article was written in the past, so who’s to say what those things were? Insert them here in your mind.
Lindholm started with Elias Pettersson and Ilya Mikheyev. Then he moved into the middle of JT Miller and Brock Boeser. Neither combination has stood out all that much as of yet. There are other options as of yet unexplored, too, like an all-Swede line of Lindholm, Pettersson, and Nils Höglander. Or perhaps even Lindholm featuring as the centerpiece of his own line, away from Pettersson and Miller altogether, a la the days of Bo Horvat.
We do realize that lines change all the time, and there’s nothing saying that Lindholm has to find any semblance of permanent linemates. But it would be nice for him to find a spot that clicks, at the very least.
Where do you think that spot might be?
This week, we’re asking:

Where do you prefer Elias Lindholm in the Canucks’ forward lineup?

Let it be known in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

After Elias Lindholm, who or what is next on your 2024 Trade Deadline shopping list?

You answered below!
Barring any major injuries I would like to more or less stand pat for now. The roster is not perfect, but there has been a decent amount spent already, so to keep the winning culture sustainable then they shouldn’t mortgage any more of what they already have. Give this group a chance with what they have now.
I think the defense is very solid as is, and with Soucy back it will be even better. The only moves that I think should be pursued are player for player deals to either improve the grit or 5-on-5 scoring of the forward group. The player I have in mind is Mikheyev, the Canucks don’t have a fit for him on this roster. He is not a top-six player, the third line is dominant as is, and he is too expensive for the fourth line. He does have a skill set that other teams may covet so he may be tradable in a dollar for dollar deal.
If he can be flipped for a bit more of a physical presence or someone who can add better 5-on-5 scoring to match up better on Pettersson’s wing, then go for it.
I’d see if Flames would take a 3rd and Linus Karlsson for Tanev. I don’t think it’s wise to spend much more. If that fails then look for another option for RHD add. I hear Savard is another guy they’re looking at.
I’d also like to add a 4C that plays a better two-way game than Aman. We need a bit of punch down there. I’d look at maybe reclamation projects too for that part. It would all depend on price. Bonino is free right now.
Yes, I was one of the people hoping we signed Puljujarvi to an AHL deal. Ah well.
defenceman factory:
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
Writing a shopping list is easy. Paying for it is the tough part. Canucks already carry a large balance on their credit card. I doubt there is a significant upgrade the Canucks can afford or should sacrifice more of the future for.
I’d like to believe management has a firm grasp on the value of their prospects. They watch or coach them. They have a better handle on who is expendable than fans do.
The upgrade I’d watch for closely is on Suter in the top-six. His skill level is slightly lacking for that role, and he’s small. If the Canucks could get an affordable upgrade on Suter that would be great. An upgrade has to be someone bigger AND of equal or better skill level. Someone who plays a hard game, forechecks, and wins puck battles would be perfect.
West Coaster:
You can never have too much scoring in the playoffs. I’m thinking if they could get Toffoli or someone like him, that not only can put the puck in the net, but has playoff experience, then they could move Mikheyev down the lineup or include him in a trade going the other way if they need to make the money work, and Suter could replace Aman. Some additional grit wouldn’t hurt either.
arthur kidd:
The top-six is still under-skilled. unless Mikheyev and Boeser are planning on scoring some 5-on-5 goals sometime soon, the Canucks will need to find someone who will.
Uncle Henry:
They need more depth on defense. The Canucks should try to get at least one steady defenceman. He doesn’t have to be a star or even a top-four. They’re always one injury away from having to give too much ice time to Juulsen and Cole. And we’ve seen that they both struggle with heavy minutes. Also, Myers is just two months removed from a full two-year confidence crisis. It’s great to see him playing like himself again, but…
A depth forward with size and a depth defender. Canucks have made their big moves grabbing Big Z and Lindholm.
Craig Gowan:
Depth for the right side of the defence and left wing. No more big spending please.
I think we’ll get a veteran depth defenseman or two to sit in Abby until the playoffs. Irwin was supposed to be that guy, but he hasn’t looked great down there and Abby has a lot of injuries on defence already: Wolanin, Hirose, and Johansson.
Allvin has already acquired two of the most coveted assets in the NHL:
– Right shot, top-pairing defenseman – Hronek
– Right shot, 200-ft center/wing – Lindholm.
Now, I’d like to see him get another unicorn of an asset. A punishing power forward.
Some more physicality. I will name names.
Arber Xhekaj on defense.
Jordan Greenway at forward.
Canucks don’t really have the cap for a big add unless Soucy is on LTIR the rest of the season or money goes out. Don’t want to lose anyone on this roster right now and Soucy isn’t on LTIR yet.
Are there under rated players that might fit cap wise and as depth pieces? Thinking of something like a Maxim LaPierre.
Canucks will need more sandpaper. They don’t have an agitator and should think about getting a guy like Anaheim’s UFA Sam Carrick. Right shot, 200lbs bottom-six center with over 50% in faceoff and tough to play against. Maybe one of our sixth round picks could get him.
Another quality top-four D long term. In the short term, more depth on D. Nothing too expensive.
Dogleg Dave:
There are three players as I see it that should be upgraded. Åman, because of his lack of grit for the line he plays on. Mikheyev has the speed but no finish; he is the first one to break the cycle. And even though he is playing better, Myers is a momentum-killer usually by a penalty or bad play. It is pretty hard to find fault in this version of the Canucks. If only one out of the three, I would want a little sandpaper with speed .
I would love for the Canucks to acquire Anthony Duclair from San Jose.
He would be perfect on the first line with Lindholm and Pettersson.
He is a skilled player, with excellent work ethic, strong puck retrieval skills, and he could also provide protection to the Elias and Elias in the playoffs.
Defense has been pretty good, even Myers. Would love to have Chris Tanev but would be happier getting Duclair up front.
BeerCan Boyd:
Almost no money so don’t expect much. Depth d-man maybe. I’m most excited to see Podkolzin and Bains when they get added to the expanded roster.
Sit tight. Start rotating some of the Abby players. See where they’re at.
Two depth defenseman and a forward that can forecheck with grit and a permanent snarl. I was all over Juulsen at the start of the season, and watched him grow to a very serviceable defender in the 6/7 slot. Massive drop-off after that, however. Our two collegiate signings on D last year have not exactly been pressuring for a call-up. I would take a couple of tweeners signed to two-way contracts and sent down to Abby ready for a call-up if needed due to injury. Should be very cheap to acquire. Now the forward will be interesting. Zucker / Mantha are a couple of the type of players I would like to see. Heavy on the forecheck and tough to play against.
Alex h:
People are talking about Erik Johnson, The veteran is on a one-year, $3.25M deal. 6’4″, 225 lbs, The 35-year-old has posted three goals in 41 games this season, but he isn’t known for his offense. There are plenty of playoff contenders who would love to get their hands on the former No. 1 overall pick to beef up their blueline for a Stanley Cup run, this is much cheaper option than Chris Tanev.
I think for now the plan is to sit tight and assess. Mikheyev needs to show more and whether he does or not may impact managements decision. Adding some size and grit to the top-six would be ideal, but it would come at a cost most would feel uncomfortable with. Another roster player would have to be subtracted as well.
Adding another RHD would also be high on the list. If Juulsen can maintain his efficiency, the Canucks might be fine settling for a benchwarmer instead of paying excessively for another top-four rental.
Quinns Quest:
Well adding without subtracting might be too difficult or not the right move now. Basically the Canucks like who’s on the roster for now. To bring anyone else of significance, they would have to sell on a guy or package them up like they did for Lindy trade.
So that leaves the depth move only for the available cap space. Unless Canucks think someone like Jan Ruuta RSD is good depth. Affordable at $2.75 million with some retention. Which will cost more of course. Canucks will need some retention for anyone worth adding.
Damon Berryman:
As far as I know Pat Maroon is available at a cheap price. Our forward group could use him and his size.

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