WDYTT: What are you filling the Canucks-less void with?

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Stephan Roget
1 year ago
Hello, and welcome back to WDYTT, not the only hockey column on the internet to realize this isn’t the time for casual wordplay.
In fact, with the health and safety of the Vancouver Canucks the only reasonable hockey-related priority worth talking about right now, we’re going to shift things in an entirely different direction — all in the interest of keeping things as lighthearted as possible during these troubling times.
If you’re a regular reader of this column and this website, chances are pretty good you’re also the type of fan that watches darn near every Canucks game. With the team on indefinite hiatus, that opens up a lot of time in everyone’s weekly entertainment schedule, and that time has to get filled somehow.
Are you watching other teams play?
Catching up on your reading?
Spending more time outside?
Checking out Godzilla vs. Kong?
This week, we’re getting both off-topic and personal by asking you:

What are you filling the Canucks-less void with?

Last week, we asked (with not the best timing):

What are you still looking forward to over the “stretch run” of the 2021 season?

Your responses are below!
I am looking forward to the debut of Kole Lind.
I look forward to watching the Leaves implode during the playoffs and push their Cup-less years to 54.
TDL day. I hope the Canucks finally realize that they should be selling and gaining assets for players on expiring contracts.
I know there are guys they seem to want back next year, but they will be a UFA and available to re-sign. Just as long as they don’t overpay…
If the Canucks can win all the games against Edm and Cal, I think they beat those two teams out for a spot. Montreal is a bit of a wild card. Edm’s schedule just got pretty busy with the makeup games against the Canadiens. Making the playoffs is still doable, the window closes a bit with each loss, but winning the games against Flames and Oilers could get them in.
Beer Can Boyd:
Assuming the Canucks concede that the playoffs are out of reach, they need to start playing Holtby every second game to recover some of whatever value Benning thought he was getting when he signed him for $4.3 million per. If Holtby can’t regain some semblance of form, then you can add him to the long list of buyout candidates Jim has locked up for next season. Beagle, Roussel, Jake, Loui, and possibly Holtby. That’s $17 million right there. Some have even suggested adding Myers to that list, but that would be beyond painful, cap-wise, and I also think he’s a slightly better player than most on here seem to. All of this just reinforces the theory that Aquilini really is the one calling the shots, player-wise. Otherwise, with that record of financial incompetence, why wouldn’t he have fired Benning by now? Just glad it’s not my money.
Also, play the kids. Juolevi should dress for every single game from now on, and so should MacEwen, Hawryluk, Boyd, and Vesey. Get Chatfield a few games, too. And if EP’s injury is that bad, sit him out for the rest of the year. No point in rushing him back.
I am looking forward to seeing continued growth of the young core, trades of at least one of our UFAs, signing of Pod for next year, and re-signing Ian Clark ASAP.
Dreaming of an Eriksson retirement, luck at the draft, and a better GM in the offseason.
Captain Video:
Trading for some additional draft picks at the deadline and OJ getting some playing/development time.
Moving expiring contracts and a trade…please.
OJ, Rathbone sightings, a future with Podz, acquiring a 3C. These are a few of my favourite (season-ending) things.
El Kabong:
Getting rid of one, two, or three of the overpaid bottom-six vets.
Watching us drop in the staging and up the draft order.
Benning getting fired the day after the draft.
Getting rid of one, two, or three of the overpaid bottom-six vets (season included).
Watching us drop in the standing and up the draft order.
Benning getting fired the day after the draft.
Bing Qiu:
I’m actually looking forward to the draft. Canucks actually have all their picks and with strategic unloading of UFAs, perhaps a few more. It’s difficult as lots of prospects haven’t had much game action. Then there’s the expansion draft and maybe they can unload Holtby.
Offload non-core contracts and retain as much $$ as they can (this year) to maximize the return.
I really do not care about draft picks #4-7. If they could make moves to draft in the top one or two, I’m in. Two top picks on ELC in three years would be my April Fools joke. If only. If.
Holly Wood:
I would like to see JB clear some salary (from this year and next year’s roster) and pick up a couple picks. See Juolevi get back into the lineup, see DiPietro get some game-time. Would also like to see what Vesey and Boyd can bring and have management decide their future. I would also like to see Loui retire, then sign as a scout or as a PK coach for the same money owed. It comes off the cap, and Loui still gets paid.
I think there is a lot to look forward to in the last 20 games.
I wasn’t thinking that the Canucks would win the Cup this year or next cause of the vet contracts, Lou’s cap hit, and the flat cap.
I want to see the young guys play and succeed. Thatcher and his new contract, Hogs, Olli, and Quinn. I would love to see Benn traded and Hamonic play with Olii, which allows Quinn to play with Schmidt.
I don’t see that happening because Green got married to Edler and Schmidt, even though there is a great likelihood Edler won’t be back next year. Thatcher’s contract, EP, Quinn…no room for a vet left D-man when you have OJ and Rathbone on ELCs.

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