WDYTT: Your 2022 Vancouver Canucks Trade Deadline predictions

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Stephan Roget
2 years ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that makes its deadlines every single week.
Speaking of deadlines, the 2022 Trade Deadline is upon us. In the space between this WDYTT and the next, March 21 will have come and gone — along with, one has to think, multiple members of the Vancouver Canucks.
You’ve already seen plenty of predictions from the crew here at CanucksArmy. We’ve let you know our approximate valuations for players like JT Miller, Conor Garland, Brock Boeser, Tyler Motte, Jaroslav Halak, and pretty much everyone else this side of Quinn Hughes.
But prognosticating is a difficult business, and there’s a good chance that everything we’ve soothsaid will not ultimately wind up coming to pass. So, just in case we’re dead wrong about the Trade Deadline, we wanted to take this opportunity to up our odds by soliciting predictions from our readership.
Surely, at least one of us will get something right.
This week, we’re asking you to:

Predict one or more trades that the Vancouver Canucks will make between now and the 2021 Trade Deadline.

Let it be known in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

Should the Canucks go back to the black skate jersey full-time?

You answered below!
Brian Togri:
This changing jerseys and logos all the time needs to end. I prefer the current color palette and wouldn’t want to go back, but as a third jersey it would be fine.
The black skate is pretty awesome, and would make a great second jersey for big games. I like the old hockey stick jerseys. I’m done with the Orca.
How many jerseys and logos are there floating around this franchise? Spaghetti skates, sticks in hockey rinks, lumberjacks, and aquatic mammals. Out of this pointless confusion, which one shall it be? Oh, there is a point to all of this: $$$$$, of course. It’s no accident this outfit lacks an identity, which is obviously reflected in this uniform debacle. I suppose it’s no big deal but how often have the Habs, the NYY in MLB, the Wings, or the Green Bay Packers ever changed their uniforms? Winning teams don’t do this.
Hockey Bunker:
Nice as an occasional one. Works best when the team is an aggressive, hard-hitting one.
Stick in rink is probably the most boring and infantile logo in pro sports. It looks like it was created by a five-year-old. And, it’s STILL better than the Orca. So my answer is “yes.” Black skate jersey all the way. The whites in the skate jersey are also awesome.
Hell ya, Black Jersey! There is no longer the Orca Bay corporate tie-in with the current logo, which was the reason for the constipated whale graphic in the first place.
Killer Marmot:
I saw an orca design by an indigenous artist that was in a true traditional style. It was awesome. That’s what I would go for as the primary logo.
But switch the colors again? Naw, there’s been too much of that in the Canucks history. Blue, green, and white. Stick to it.
Ragnarok Ouroboros:
People seem to love the flying skate jersey, but I’m not one of them. I admit they did look good with the updated look in that recent game, but I would definitely get sick of it quickly. I always found the logo too busy, especially with all the white streaks around the skate, meant to imply speed, I guess?. I personally prefer the Orca logo and the Johnny Canuck logo.
What I did like about the updated jersey was the black base colour, and I think the Orca logo would look great on a black background.
I’m probably in the minority, but I like the current colour scheme and the Orca as the main jersey. The black skate jersey does pop though. They could probably wear that a little more, but stay with current colours.
No. You never look back. Move forward onto better things. Don’t be one of those people afraid of change. Minus the Flying V’s, I’ve enjoyed all the changes of jerseys.
Black skate at home and orca or stick in rink away. Why do the home and away jerseys have to be the same scheme? Montreal’s home and away are not the same scheme, and it works great.
Black always. They are cool looking. and they make the team better. BoHo loves this jersey, I do, too, hence my profile pic!
Holly Wood:
My choice would be for the black skate to be the official  third jersey, to be worn three times per season. If possible, throw the white skate jersey in once per year by having an opponent bring a set of dark uniforms.
Emphatically yes!
Players love it. Fans love it. The most eye-popping jersey out there..
I may be in the minority here, but that Skate jersey ranks right up there with the worst jerseys in sports history. Aesthetics, is of course, subjective. But there are standards. Ferraris are beautiful. Ford Pintos not so much. Sorry, guys, but the “skate” is a Pinto at best and, like the Pinto, it should be consigned to history’s dustbin in the embarrassment aisle.
Should the Canucks go back to the black skate jersey full-time? YES!!
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
I have to agree with many of you that the Orca Logo jersey is the one that has to go! I like the current Stick’n’Rink Jersey with the dark green stripes, and I like some of the older versions of it, as well. The thing about the Flying Skate Jersey is that it makes the players look bigger and meaner, looks incredible on TV, and the logo exemplifies speed and today’s game is played at speed. The Skate logo also looks great on the white jersey as well (once the home uniform). It also represents truly some of the most extraordinary times in Canuck history. Signing Pat Quinn while he was still coaching LA, stealing Pavel Bure in the draft while other teams thought he was unavailable until the next draft, and of course the big trades made by Quinn and the run to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, losing 3-2.
Then came Orca Bay, who brought in the new look Orca Jersey, fired the big Irishman, and along with Messier and his man Keenan, started a one of the darkest times in franchise history. Sure, there were good times, too, with the Sedin era and the individual accomplishments they had, but that Stanley Cup Final in 2011 was the worst. The team was done, too injured, too penalized by poor officiating, too suspended by Mr. Campbell (whose son was playing on the other team if I remember correctly), losing Game 7 on home ice without much of a fight. Really, I feel sick just thinking about it. But I fondly remember how the ‘94 Canucks fought back against NYR after being down 3 games to 1.
So, if anyone at the Canucks reads this, please ditch the Orca and make the Skate Jersey the new main jersey and keep the Stick’n’Rink as the third jersey which recognizes the original history of the team. Plus, isn’t it weird that the three elected chiefs in the intro video are wearing the Flying Skate as they “Cheer on the Boys”? “Go Canucks Go!”
Resurrecting a few times a year, as a promotional stunt, should be enough.
With Stephan Roget off on a scouting mission, David Quadrelli will handle WDYTT duties next week. Excelsior!

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