WDYTT: Grading the Vancouver Canucks’ 2022 Trade Deadline as a whole

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that deteriorates in quality when the editor takes over.
That’s right, Stephan Roget is taking a much-deserved vacation, so I’m taking over this week.
You know the drill. We ask you a question, and you answer in the comments section below.
This week, we’re asking you to reflect on and grade the Vancouver Canucks’ moves at this week’s Trade Deadline.
The club shipped out Travis Hamonic for a third, acquired Travis Dermott for a third, dealt Tyler Motte for a fourth, and claimed Brad Richardson off waivers.
We hope you have thoughts on this, because this week we’re asking you…

How do you grade the Canucks’ 2022 Trade Deadline as a whole?

Be sure to explain your reasoning!
Last week, we asked:

Predict one or more trades that the Vancouver Canucks will make between now and the 2022 Trade Deadline.

You answered below!
I’m going against prevailing wisdom and will predict that Allvin pulls off a blockbuster: Miller and Schenn to the Rangers for Schneider, Kakko and a 2022 first round pick.
Bing Qiu:
Motte to Tampa for a 2nd round pick
Boeser to the Devils for Alexander Holtz. Kevin Bahl and a 1st round pick.
My prediction: No one gets moved, Motte stays to end of the year and walks away for free; Myers stays and activates his no movement clause. The team is not good enough to compete on a nightly basis, but didn’t decide early enough to tank either (which would have been my wish). Have seen this movie for many, many years. Although there is new management, something about the enduring culture of this team says damned if you do and damned if you don’t, no nothing happens.
As much as I’d love a boeser and hamonic for Marino and picks, I don’t think that will ever happen. I just have a feeling that there won’t be any big moves but motte to Tampa for a 2nd round isn’t unrealistic.
All quiet of the western front.
I am Ted:
I am praying this management group sees the long term. I’d like to see them deal Motte + to FLA for Tippett. I’d also like to see them deal Boeser to the Kings for B. Clarke and B. Faber. Then look at Garland to the Devils for Holtz and Bahl or Garland to Vegas for Theodore.
I can appreciate the playoff run and these moves shouldn’t drastically impact the run.
I’d also see if I could move Poolman to a team wanting depth D or has injury issues. Maybe even see if you can move Dickinson for a late pick or a guy who may benefit from a change of scenery (D. Strome? C. Glass? etc).
Then over summer you have to move Miller and get a good return. The Canucks could eat 50% of the deal and a contender can load up big time.
I believe JR will let this team play out the rest of the season and see if they can make the playoffs. There might be a couple of minor moves like Halak maybe if he waives his NMC? Since Boudreau came aboard the team has been a top ten NHL team and I’m sure the front office wants to see them perform under pressure. Yes Motte is a FA, but might only get a mid round pick. The draft is just a place to make trades once they have a handle on the team’s performance
El Kabong:
Canucks will be the victims of their own pseudo success, much like Benning first season here the team is playing above its class and sits firmly entrenched in the land of mediocrity.
speering major:
Sadly I think the next couple (or few) games will dictate any big moves. If they keep winning I get the feeling nothing major will be done to the off-season.
I think they’ll move Motte. His value seems to be high and I doubt they want to pay him. It seems to me that Jason Dickinson could fill in his role for the remainder of the season. He’s overpaid and been disappointing but he’s still very capable of filling in for Motte
I’d really like to see Miller moved. I don’t think the team gets anywhere near the same value in the off-season. Hertl just signed a monster contract that acts as a floor for what Miller will request. No thanks. Would love to see a deal with LA or COL. Turcotte, Clarke, or Newhook could be great centrepieces to a package that fits long term.
Being just three points out of the dance with Vegas sinking like a (Mark ) Stone and the Coilers as inconsistent as ever you stand pat and keep winning… unless a killer deal for RFA Boeser or Myers/Halak (if they waive) materializes.
Remember the LA Kings under Sutter who squeaked in rolled over us and went all the way — same deal here. You would never count the Canucks out in the postseason with Demko, Hughes and MVP Miller leading the troops. It’s on…
Hockey Bunker:
If there are any takers for Dickinson, Poolman, Schenn, Chaisson and Halak they are first out the door. I think bigger deals will come later.
Motte, Schenn and Halak to Toronto for a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th.
Miller to the Rangers for Barron, Schneider and a 1st.
Boeser to LA for Durzi.
No one off the Canucks moved. No one from other teams added.
Sometimes the best trade is the one you don’t make. Any trade or trades involving multiple players will definitely upset team chemistry. Since Boudreau arrived the team has been playing around .700 hockey. That is pretty good. It’s not often that the Canucks are not competitive in a game. JT Miller is not going anywhere. He has another year on his deal and there is urgency to move him.
Ragnarok Ouroboros:
The only possible trade I see happening is Boeser for a top 4 RHD defencemen, otherwise, I see them standing pat at the trade deadline.
I believe the Canucks brass thinks the team can compete for a playoff spot, and it would send a bad message to the players if they were to start trading away players for prospects/picks.
There is no way Miller would want to re-sign with the Canucks if he thinks they are starting another rebuild. This means they will treat Motte as their own rental player so they can continue their push for the playoffs.
Maybe they will find a way to trade Halak, who should never have been given a no trade clause. I don’t see any other consequential moves happening.
Sadly, this management will be sucked into the mirage that the Canucks are better than they actually are. Where have we seen end of season heroics by this team, to fall short or go 1 and done in the playoffs. FFS, treat this team like a business, and look to the future 4-5 years. Forget hurt feelngs over players moving, take advantage of the market, and squeeze it for all its worth.
Tired of short sighted no plan plans and wishful thinking
Depends if they will chase the playoff dream. Regardless, sell on anyone they can get a great package on.
Craig Gowan:
I don’t think the Canucks will trade or acquire anyone. If they do trade anyone, I regard Motte and Halak as the only 2 realistic candidates. Both are very unlikely in my opinion, unless the price for Motte involves a top 45 draft pick and Halak waives his NMC.
After that game against Calgary I actually tried sending Francisco A an email, saying they look bigger,better and badass, let’s go back. My VOTE… go back to black👍
Brian Togri:
Connor Garland to Boston/Washington/Pittsburgh. There seems to be a lot of interest and I don’t think the Canucks see him as a long term piece.
I keep hearing Management say the team needs to get faster, and create cap space. Well that would seem to point toward future RFA Brock Boeser getting moved, hopefully for a RHD with size. Being that Halak has not looked too confident in net lately it’s hard to see a team taking a chance on him.
Tyler Myers to whoever wants him. Boeser to Pittsburgh.
I predict lots of moves, with disappointed Canucks fans wondering how we moved so many ‘great’ players only to get not even close to replacement value in return. In particular, Myers and Boeser will be moved to anyone that gives us draft picks and at least serviceable NHL ready bodies for those positions. And this will be done on a sort of ‘OBO’ sort of basis. Myers and Boeser both represent the two problems management has been vocal about….too slow and too expensive. The value in the trade for the Canucks will be massively increased flexibility for future trades and roster decisions and a restocking of the cupboard.
After last night it is obvious that we are not close. Boeser, Miller and Garland trade now and for a RHD to play with Hughes, picks and prospects. Resign Motte commits to our current 4th line. Demko, EP40 and Hughes build around. Find a good 3rd line center and middle is set. Upgrade the wings.
(and the recipient of the Author’s award for being BANG ON, or as Stephan calls it, the author’s weekly award for eloquence):
Only two players will get moved before the trade deadline. Motte and a defence man. Probably Hamonic. The rest will have to wait til summer. Then talks involving Myers, Miller, and Boeser will proceed. The Boeser contract will be the most difficult as he holds all the negotiating power.

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