WDYTT: The Vancouver Canucks’ Trade Deadline day, reviewed by you

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Stephan Roget
2 years ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet with a full no-movement clause, unless you count occasionally moving to Wednesdays.
We’ve reached another point of interest in what has been an absolute pirate map of a 2021 season. Trade Deadline day has now come and gone, and the results were…well, actually, we’ll leave that bit to you.
Adam Gaudette was shipped out to Chicago in exchange for Matthew Highmore.
Jordie Benn got flipped to the Winnipeg Jets for a sixth-round pick.
And Madison Bowey and a fifth-round pick arrived in exchange for a fourth.
As far as the size and quantity of transactions go, this deadline was fairly “small potatoes” for the Canucks, and yet, we think you’ve probably got quite a lot to say about it.
This week, we’re asking you to:

Provide your own personal review of how Jim Benning and the Canucks performed on Trade Deadline day 2021.

Last week, we asked:

What are you filling the Canucks-less void with?

And, to be perfectly honest, it seems like the answer for a lot of you was “Not browsing CanucksArmy for a week,” and, hey, we get it.
Thanks to those of you who did find time to chime in. Your responses are below!
Debating minutia with the CA peanut gallery.
DVRing Blue Jays games and watching them at 7pm.
I’m enjoying baseball. I am in a good b-ball pool and have two Jays players which makes watching their games a lot more interesting (or frustrating when they’re not hitting).
So, I am still cheering for Bo just a different Bo, i.e. Bo Bichette!!
Hopefully getting a vaccine.
Too early?
The IPL starts Friday, can’t wait!
Blue Jays and E-Biking. Makes me feel like a champ when I pass mountain bikers like they are standing still. Otherwise, can’t even stand watching other teams play hockey.
Stephan Roget:
Reading Jonathan Hickman comics, polishing my D&D skills, jogging around the neighbourhood, refurbishing the Spotify playlists, padding WDYTT articles for length.

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