WDYTT: Which Canucks free agents do you want back, and what contract would you offer them?

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that’s never once been wrong.
The last time we spoke, the Vancouver Canucks still had a chance at making the playoffs, but now, a playoff berth is mathematically impossible.
The club still has two games left on the season, but we’re beginning to turn our focus to what should be a busy offseason for the club.
The club has players such as Brock Boeser, Alex Chiasson, Juho Lammikko, and many more in the AHL that will require new contracts to continue playing next season.
That’s why today, we’re asking you:

Which Canucks free agent players do you want back, and what contract would you give them?

Sound off in the comments below!
Last week, we asked you:

What were you wrong about in 2021/22 (as it pertains to the Vancouver Canucks)?

You answered below!

Ragnarok Ouroboros

I thought Travis Green would be the coach to take the Canucks back to the playoffs. I had a lot of faith in him, and thought the problems had been with the players Benning foisted on him. I thought Benning actually did a good job this year of giving Green a good set of players that should have made the playoffs, and that Green would thrive. The reality was that the team tanked under Green, and after the hiring of Boudreau it became clear the problem was not with the players but with the coach with the exception of Petterson who was playing way below what he was capable of.
It is clear that if Boudreau was the coach for the whole year, the Canucks would be comfortably in the playoffs now.


I thought Pettersson would be a point-per-game player this year. Definitely wrong for the first half of the year where he had 20 points in the first 40 games. Wrong also for the second half where he has scored 46 points in 35 games.


I was wrong thinking ownership will have difficulty attracting qualified candidates for the POHO/GM positions. Pleasantly surprised that JR & PA both signed on to turn around the ship. Now let’s hope that ownership proves me wrong again and allow them to actually do their job without meddling.


I was incorrect about Rathbone coming in and making the Canucks left side one of the best in the NHL. Although I was wrong, I’m glad he got the time in Abby to develop.


My first error was in believing that only Benning needed to be replaced as his incompetence as GM was demoralizing to both personnel and fans. One puzzle was why it took Aquilini eight years to figure out he was not a capable GM.
I did think the on-ice product would be competitive — make the playoffs — and blowing up the roster was not needed but with a half dozen players having excellent seasons what does that say about the dozen plus under performers. With only minor personnel changes to start the next season will they be the same team that we are seeing now?
My second error was supporting Green right up till Boudreau performed the miracle turn around with the same personnel. It seems a fresh set of eyes was all that was really needed.
One ongoing puzzle was the PP. It was poor last season and started this season the same way until Boudreau started tinkering. Newell Brown went to Anaheim and their PP was top five on and off thru the season (presently 14th) so was Brown the problem or was it Green making the PP personnel decisions?


Tanner Pearson, apparently.

Bing Qiu

I thought Gaudette would be 3rd line center, Juolevi top 4 dman, Hamonic would be paired with Hughes on the top 2, Green would win the Jack Adams award, Benning the Jim Gregory award for top GM, and Canucks would win the Presidents award for the 1st time since 2012. Okay that’s all delusional but in mid-summer, the mind wanders. I didn’t really think any of that but I’m sure some did after all of Benning’s moves.

Duncan Stewart

I predicted a breakout year for Nils Hoglander. Should’ve said breakdown.


The canucks being good; false hope.

Craig Gowan

Based on his play last year, I thought Nils Hoglander would become a Top 6 or at least a Top 9 fixture at forward on the Canucks for years to come. Now I wonder about his future with the Canucks.

Defenceman Factory

Hughes was poor defensively last season. His improvement this year is a pleasant surprise. Dickinson has looked okay in some games recently but I expected him to be better.
A lot of the roster debate leading into this season was premised on Green being the coach. The positions taken, my own included, aren’t really valid under this different coaching regime. I never believed Green was a good coach but I seriously underestimated how poor he was. Boudreau is such a massive improvement.


At the start of the season I figured the Canucks would be a bubble team, probably ending up just outside the playoffs but with some realistic chance of getting a low playoff seed.
What I got very wrong was the tale of two seasons that actually took place. Until the purge the Canucks looked like cellar dwellers rather than a bubble team, with poor 5 on 5 performance and terrible special teams performance.. At the time of the purge I expected a fair improvement but was convinced that the Canucks were so far out of it that there was no way they could have the fantastic record needed to even have a chance.
So, I got wrong how poorly they’d start the season and I was wrong about how effectively they’d turn it around. Being wrong about the early season and being wrong (in the other direction) after the purge got my predictions on track. Perhaps two wrongs really can make a right.
Other than that there were only minor surprises. I’d have said Miller would be good, Myers poor, Demko pretty good and Spencer Martin a depth guy who wouldn’t be in the running for the backup spot for next season, so all four have performed better than I expected. I didn’t expect Boeser’s inconsistency (possibly due to injury.) I wasn’t surprised by Hoglander regressing, since for the 2021 season he started in midseason form having played most of his SEL season while the NHL was waiting for the delayed season to start. I expected a slow start from EP40 but not nearly as bad as it actually was, then was surprised by the degree of his rapid turnaround, apparently health related.


I was wrong about. Nothing.
Totally nailed every scenario that went down over the course of the year. Right down to the Hamonic trade, and Halak’s injury last night. 🤣


After JBs’ expensive offseason, I was wrong about my hopeful expectations: that the team would at least be a solid playoff team/contender based on the roster — but not a cup contender due to Green.


Positive: Schenn has far exceeded my expectations. Looks like he could be a solid partner for Hughes next season, but it might be nice to find someone else for the top pairing and have Schenn next to a rookie Rathbone.
Negative: Hoglander has been a disappointment. Hopefully just a sophomore slump and he bounces back next year.


IMO the difference between Green and Boudreau is how they communicate with the players. Boudreau’s method has shown how good he is at this and how the players have bought into what he is selling. All the players.

speering major

I thought Highmore looked like garbage and shouldn’t have made the team. Wrong
I thought Myers had become an unmoveable train wreck. Wrong
I thought the team could make the playoffs with Green. Wrong
I thought Green would be fired a dozen games earlier to try and save the season and Bennings job. Wrong
Boeser would pot 30+
Dickinson trade/signing was a tidy piece of business. Wrong
Gadjovich could earn a full time spot and be a fan favorite by the end of the season
I’m probably forgetting a dozen more.

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