Tonight is the night for the Canucks to turn their preseason around: Canucks Conversation Oct. 5th featuring Baggedmilk

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
Today on Canucks Conversation, we talked about the Canucks’ Wednesday night matchup against the Edmonton Oilers out at the Abbotsford Centre.
As you may have — should have, really — read in our scenes from morning skate today, the Oilers are expected to ice a lineup that has a little bit less NHL talent than the one they used to hand the Canucks a 7-2 loss in Edmonton on Monday night.
The Canucks, on the other hand, are icing a lineup that very closely resembles what their lineup would look like if it were the regular season, given their injuries. Backup and Abbotsford fan favourite Spencer Martin will get the start tonight.
As Bruce Boudreau put it, this is the night the Canucks have a golden opportunity to turn their preseason around.
“I don’t want you, your friends, or anybody else to worry about us Canucks,” Boudreau said. “No, we haven’t had the greatest training camp success, but we’re going to be fine. We start tomorrow — I know the game’s in Abbotsford, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s when the season sort of really starts and we’ll be ready to go, I want you to know that… I know the boys are ready to kick some ass in 22/23.”
Watch today’s show of Canucks Conversation, featuring Baggedmilk of Oilers Nation to help us preview the game tonight, below!
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