Should the Canucks start Casey DeSmith or Arturs Silovs in game 5?: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
1 month ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Irfaan Gaffar welcomed NHL insider Frank Seravalli to discuss the Game 5 starting goaltender decision facing Vancouver.
Less than 24 hours after their incredible comeback in Game 4, Canucks media buzzes with speculation: will it be Casey DeSmith or Arturs Silovs between the pipes for Game 5? DeSmith is reportedly close to full health after missing Game 4 with an ailment sustained during their Game 3 victory. In his absence, Silovs shined, stopping 27 of 30 shots while displaying composure throughout the contest.
“I would start Silovs,” Frank stated. “I would want absolute certainty that Casey DeSmith is ready to go, and I don’t know if you can guarantee that. Silovs was good, and that just buys you more time… They would lose something by putting DeSmith in – risking further injury and a potentially compromised Game 5. It makes sense to go with Silovs… you can always go back to DeSmith.”
“You’re running the risk of pushing a series that doesn’t need to go to six games by not going with your best guy,” Quads countered. “The line between Silovs and DeSmith is thin, and if I’m going by vibes, which I often am, I’m going with Silovs, even if DeSmith is 100% healthy.”
“There was certainly an energy that Silovs had,” Frank continued. “Whether it was chirping the fans or the celebrations, he had a lot going on in Game 4. It seemed like he reveled in that environment.”
“It’s also the year that he’s had, that helps a lot,” Irf added. “The guy wins Latvia their first-ever medal, was the MVP of the tournament. By Quads’ standards, vibes are pretty high, and you’re riding high on confidence. That’s one of the reasons why the Canucks were comfortable going with him in that game.”
Quads shifted slightly: “The idea that you’re going to go back to Silovs tomorrow – if he loses and DeSmith’s back in, what kind of message does that send to DeSmith? If he’s 100% healthy and you say, ‘we’re going to go with this kid over you,’ and then have to throw DeSmith back in for Game 6…”
“I don’t think it sends any message,” Frank rebutted. “It’s a fair question to ask, but it’s, ‘You were injured, we needed to have someone fully healthy, we’re going with our guy and if we need you, we’ll use you.'”
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