Scenes from practice: Tucker Poolman returns, and Tyler Motte says he and the Canucks haven’t started extension talks

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David Quadrelli
2 years ago
The Vancouver Canucks were back practicing today after a road trip and are gearing up for a six game homestand that could make or break their season.
The story of the day is that Tucker Poolman resumed skating again today after leaving the Canucks’ January 27th contest against the Winnipeg Jets with what turned out to be issues with headaches and migraines.

Lines (kind of)

The Canucks didn’t do line rushes today, but based on the colours of the practice jerseys the players were wearing, it appears the lineup remains unchanged from the one we’ve seen lately.
Something to note: the Canucks called up Sheldon Rempal. CanucksArmy’s resident AHL reporter Chris Faber believes in Rempal, who has 23 goals and 25 assists through 41 games in Abbotsford this year. More on Rempal from head coach Bruce Boudreau in the what was said section.

What was said

Tyler Motte says he hasn’t been a part of any contract extension talks with the Canucks as the March 21st trade deadline approaches.
“I personally haven’t had any of those conversations,” said Motte. “I know obviously, we got a new staff in there that are new to the organization. I’m sure they’re doing their part. As I mentioned earlier, I’m gonna control what I can control — a lot of that isn’t up to me.
“I love the city, I love playing here, but I’m not gonna let those types of things distract me [even though] it is that time of year and I do understand it. Days are ticking away but I’m going to continue to be here and work hard every single day. That’s not going to change.”
Bruce Boudreau talked about the club’s decision to call up Sheldon Rempal from the AHL.
“I don’t want anybody to get hurt, and I don’t want to play bad but I mean, he practices really well with us,” said Boudreau when asked if he hoped to get a look at Rempal in game action with the call up. “I think he would be a good fit with us, and it was a good reward to bring him up. The other thing is, we like Di Giuseppe too, but I mean, if he had been up here for five more days, then he has to go through waivers to get sent down, and we didn’t want that to happen either. So I mean, it’s a combination of things, but Abbotsford is playing really good and their players are playing really well. I have no problem using anyone.”
Boudreau also talked about Tucker Poolman’s first skate, and reported that Poolman seemed to participate with no issues.
“It was his first practice, and from what I’ve gathered, he came away from it okay. He was a little tentative at the beginning, but I thought by the end he was getting back to normal. I guess it’ll be a day-to-day thing with him. I don’t know whether he’ll play against Montreal or when he’s going to start, but he’s getting closer for sure.”
The Canucks concluded practice with a speed skating conditioning drill that Boudreau described as a “fun way to wrap up.”
In the drills, players dashed from blue line to blue line. First from a standstill on their feet, then from their knees, then from their stomachs.
The Canucks will be practicing their power plays tomorrow, so stay tuned to see if there’s any changes to the power play units!

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