Report: Winnipeg Jets interested in Canucks defenceman Luke Schenn

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
As Luke Schenn trade talks heat up, The Nation Network’s Nick Alberga is reporting that the Winnipeg Jets are among the teams interested in trading for the Vancouver Canucks defenceman.
Alberga previously reported that the Calgary Flames and Boston Bruins were emerging as the frontrunners to trade for Schenn’s services. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman also linked Schenn to the Flames and Boston.
Last week, the big question was what the Canucks would do, as according to Schenn’s agent, the club hadn’t decided if they would extend Schenn or trade him just yet. Earlier today, Friedman reported that a trade could happen at any time, as it seems the Canucks have now shifted their focus to trading the veteran blueliner.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about all the Schenn trade talk is that Hankinson himself threw out the idea of Schenn re-signing with the Canucks in the offseason, if they traded him. Hankinson also admitted from the Canucks’ standpoint, they’d almost be crazy not to trade his client, given where they are in the standings.
“There’s a lot of factors in play but it’s ultimately a situation where I think the Canucks management has to figure out, ‘this is a good return we could get’,” said Hankinson during a hit on Donnie and Dhali. “And they’re almost crazy not to take it because, you know, the Canucks aren’t in the playoffs. They can trade him and get some value to help build and move in the direction they want to go.
“The ultimate possibility is he could re-sign with the Canucks next summer. He’s from Kelowna, he’s got a family out there, he loves it out there, and I think if you ask the players in the room, they don’t want to trade Luke Schenn. He’s obviously focused on getting the job done with the Canucks and trying to get out of this and find a way to finish strong here, so who knows where that’ll be, but he’s a warrior and a guy definitely you want on your team.”
Schenn was asked about the trade rumours today and made it clear that one way or another, he wants to be a Canuck.
It certainly seems like the scenario we’re moving towards is that the Canucks move Schenn for an asset ahead of the March 3rd trade deadline, and do their best to reunite with the unrestricted free agent defenceman next offseason.
And if you’re a Canucks fan, that’s probably the best outcome you can hope for from all this.

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