Redrafting the 2016 NHL Entry Draft: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
4 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal redrafted the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, which featured players such as Auston Matthews, Matthew Tkachuk, and Charlie McAvoy. 
The guys redrafted the first 15 picks in the draft (excluding goalies) with the full benefit of hindsight up to this point in time.
#1- Toronto (original pick- Auston Matthews)
Quads: Auston Matthews
Harm: Auston Matthews
#2- Winnipeg (original pick: Patrik Laine)
Quads: Matthew Tkachuk
Harm: Adam Fox
Harm: “I will take a number one defenceman who has won a Norris trophy over a winger.”
Quads: “Purely based on talent, Adam Fox might be two. I think there’s a good case to be made for Matthew Tkachuk as well, who’s proven himself to be quite the playoff performer.”
#3- Columbus (original pick: Pierre-Luc Dubois)
Quads: Adam Fox
Harm: Charlie McAvoy
Harm: “[McAvoy] is on the fringes of being a top-5, but definitely a top-10 defenceman in the league. He may not have the splashy point totals, but he’s one of the best shutdown defencemen in the NHL and can still put up around 60 points. That’s a guy you build an entire blue line around. I’d take that over a winger; I place the positional premium on centers and defencemen usually.”
#4- Edmonton (original pick: Jesse Puljujarvi)
Quads: Charlie McAvoy
Harm: Matthew Tkachuk
#5- Vancouver (original pick: Olli Juolevi)
Quads: Clayton Keller
Harm: Clayton Keller
Harm: “He doesn’t play with other star talent, for him to put up the totals he does in Arizona, what would he be in Vancouver?” 
#6- Calgary (original pick: Matthew Tkachuk)
Quads: Alex Debrincat
Harm: Jesper Bratt
Harm: “I consider [Bratt] a true play-driver. He’s someone who can create chances on his own, whereas Debrincat, I love his goal scoring but he needs to play with somebody like Larkin to put those numbers up. Jesper Bratt has played a lot with Jack Hughes, but he can drive play by himself and I think Debrincat is more of a one-dimensional finisher.”
#7- Arizona (original pick: Clayton Keller)
Quads: Tage Thompson
Harm: Tage Thompson
#8- Buffalo (original pick: Alexander Nylander)
Quads: Mikhail Sergachev
Harm: Mikhail Sergachev
Harm: “I went back and forth on this. It’s a coin flip between Hronek and Sergachev. Sergachev last year broke out as a legit number on defenceman, but then he struggled in the playoffs and has struggled this year. I’m honestly torn; I don’t know what the right answer is, but I’ll lean towards Sergachev.”
#9- Montreal (original pick: Mikhail Sergachev)
Quads: Filip Hronek
Harm: Filip Hronek
Filip Hronek was originally the 52nd pick by Detroit in this draft. 
#10- Colorado (original pick- Tyson Jost)
Quads: Jordan Kyrou
Harm: Alex Debrincat
#11- Ottawa (original pick: Logan Brown)
Quads: Jesper Bratt
Harm: Jakob Chychrun
Harm: “I value the defenceman higher. I know Kyrou has flashy point totals, but he’s a nightmare when it comes to defensive play and turnovers. There’s a reason Blues fans turned on him, not only this year but last as well, after he signed the big contract. I wouldn’t trust him as one of my face-of-the-franchise type players, so I’ll take Chychrun because even though Ottawa isn’t having a good year, Chychrun has been playing well.”
#12- New Jersey (original pick: Michael Mcleod)
Quads: Jakob Chychrun
Harm: Sam Girard
“Harm on Girard: ‘To me, he’s a top-4 defenceman who drives play, and the fact that he doesn’t put up huge point totals because he doesn’t run a power play is actually a feature. He’s not going to put up the point totals to command a huge contract. Part of the reason I have Laine lower is he’s the type of player that’s completely one-dimensional; all he does is score. A massive defensive liability, he doesn’t drive play, and doesn’t make any of his teammates better. The problem is goal and point totals drive contract value, so he’s always going to be the type of player who makes more than he’s actually worth.”
#13- Carolina (original pick: Jake Bean)
Quads: Sam Girard
Harm: Jordan Kyrou
#14- Boston (original pick: Charlie McAvoy)
Quads: Patrik Laine
Harm: Pierre-Luc Dubois
#15- Minnesota (original pick: Luke Kunin) 
Quads: Brandon Hagel
Harm: Patrik Laine
The final result looked like this:
Quads’ redraft:
  1. Toronto- Auston Matthews
  2. Winnipeg- Matthew Tkachuk
  3. Columbus- Adam Fox
  4. Edmonton- Charlie McAvoy
  5. Vancouver- Clayton Keller
  6. Calgary- Alex Debrincat
  7. Arizona- Tage Thompson
  8. Buffalo- Mikhail Sergachev
  9. Montreal- Filip Hronek
  10. Colorado- Jordan Kyrou
  11. Ottawa- Jesper Bratt
  12.  New Jersey- Jakob Chychrun
  13.  Carolina- Sam Girard
  14.  Boston- Pierre-Luc Dubois
  15.  Minnesota- Brandon Hagel
Harm’s redraft:
  1. Toronto- Auston Matthews
  2. Winnipeg- Adam Fox
  3. Columbus- Charlie McAvoy
  4. Edmonton- Matthew Tkachuk
  5. Vancouver- Clayton Keller
  6. Calgary- Jesper Bratt
  7. Arizona- Taje Thompson
  8. Buffalo- Mikhail Sergachev
  9. Montreal- Filip Hronek
  10. Colorado- Alex Debrincat
  11. Ottawa- Jakob Chychrun
  12.  New Jersey- Sam Girard
  13.  Carolina- Jordan Kyrou
  14.  Boston- Pierre-Luc Dubois
  15. Minnesota- Patrik Laine
You can watch the full segment in the video below:

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