Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar to start a franchise?: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
6 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal were joined by Rink Wide: Vancouver’s Jeff Paterson to discuss all the latest surrounding the Vancouver Canucks. 
To start, the guys recapped last night’s victory over the San Jose Sharks, in which Vancouver earned their 27th point of the season, putting them just one point behind the defending Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights. Sam Lafferty’s short-handed goal with 1 second left in the second period made it 2-0, which helped propel the Canucks to a 3-1 win over the struggling Sharks.
Canucks captain Quinn Hughes reached 30 points with a goal and an assist — good for first in the league — with Quads noting it’s the first time a defenceman has reached the marker before a forward since Bobby Orr in ‘74-75. 
“He’s always had the elite talent, but there’s an added killer instinct… He’s playing drama free and taking over games,” Harm said of Hughes’ performance this season.
The guys are then joined by Rink Wide Vancouver’s Jeff Paterson to talk about the Canucks’ performance last night. JPat also touched on Nils Höglander’s major penalty in the second period, and Sam Lafferty sending the Canucks into the second intermission with a two-goal lead:
“I think the officials got this one right. There’s no place in hockey for slew-footing; there are more dangerous ones, but I do think by the letter of the law it checked the boxes…Ultimately, not only able to kill off the penalty but score the buzzer beater from Sam Lafferty. If it goes to the third period in a one goal game, the Sharks are one shot away from tying, so the Canucks were able to go in with a bit of a cushion.”
Canucks Conversation’s question of the day: If an expansion draft happened right now, would you rather have Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar?
Harm: “Makar… Quinn has been the best player in the NHL this season, but Makar has done it for so much longer, he’s won a Stanley Cup, he’s proven he can do it in the playoffs and he’s a little bit bigger.”
Quads: “One thing that Hughes hasn’t had is a steady legitimate top pairing defenceman as his partner. You’re talking about how Quinn is outplaying Makar right now, how much do you attribute that to the fact that he finally has a legitimate partner?”
Harm: “I think a good chunk. Makar gets to play with Devon Toews, who’s also a stud defenceman. It’s close. It’s hard to ignore how long Makar has played at this elite level, I still give the edge to him at this point. 
Quads: “If this expansion draft happened right now, I’m with you, I’m going with Cale Makar, but talk to me in July after Quinn has presumably had another playoff run under his belt.” 
Watch the full segment in the video below!

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