Putting Nils Höglander on PP1, Lekkerimäki’s arrival, and more: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
3 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal discussed the potential for Nils Höglander working his way to PP1 and Jonathan Lekkerimäki’s arrival in Abbotsford.
Quads kicked it off with his thoughts on why Höglander should get a shot on the first power-play unit.
“We know they need a left-handed shot in the net-front position for the power play to work, for J.T. Miller to be effective on the half wall. That’s what we’ve seen lately,” said Quads. “No knocks against Pius Suter – I think he’s been really good and maybe a tad underrated at five-on-five – but I’m not sure I’d have him on the power play anymore. I know it’s working right now, but it feels like Nils Höglander is knocking down the door. For long-term success for this power play and heading into the playoffs, the only other option is Höglander. I think sooner or later you’re going to have to do it, and I think they should do it sooner. Höglander should be on power play one, right in that spot where Pius Suter is, today.”
“I’m torn. I agree, Suter isn’t the answer there in the medium term,” continued Harm. “There was a play (against Calgary) where Miller faked a shot, slid it into the middle for a high-danger shot, and Suter shot it straight into Markstrom’s crest. If you’re a bumper shooter there, you’ve got to be consistent about hitting corners, whether it’s short-side or far-side. Because you’re in the middle of the ice in that bumper spot, the goalie is also going to be in the middle of his net when you’re taking that shot, so you need to be accurate and have a quick release. I’m not confident Suter has that shooting ability. The next question is, does Höglander have it? He might. If you look at most of Höglander’s goals this season, they’ve been in and around the blue paint – a lot of them have been greasy – so it doesn’t necessarily indicate that he has that high-end shooting ability from the high slot. I’m not sure he’s the answer, but if Suter continues lacking production in that spot, I wouldn’t mind giving Höglander a shot there.”
Jonathan Lekkerimäki has been officially signed to the Abbotsford Canucks roster, Patrik Allvin announced late Monday morning. Lekkerimäki is slated to skate in his first practice with Abbotsford before the team heads to Colorado on a road trip. Whether he makes it into a game is still up in the air.
“I’m curious to see if he gets into a game or not. Based on talent, he’s obviously more than good enough to be able to draw into the lineup. It’s a case of – he just finished his season in the SHL – how much do you want to put on his plate? He’s also gearing up to try and make Team Sweden for World Championships. If he does make his debut for Abbotsford, it’s going to be really exciting to see how his game looks on North American ice at the AHL level.”
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