Previewing the Abbotsford Canucks’ week 6 back-to-back against the Henderson Silver Knights

Cody Severtson
7 months ago
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I’m jumping straight to the predictions review for this one because I’m on such a roll that I need to get into the self-congratulatory back-patting ASAP!
Week 5 predictions review
This weekend will likely see some high-scoring entertainment at the Abbotsford Centre. I’m going to be uber-positive and predict that Abbotsford will pick up their second shutout of the season in two straight regulation wins against their division rival. The vibes are too immaculate for the organization not to continue their dismantling of a division rival.
It’s quite a shame that I can predict Abbotsford’s game results to a tee but can’t win a bet to save my life when I actually make them.
Not only did Arturs Silovs pick up his second shutout of the season, but Abbotsford picked up two straight regulation wins against the visiting Bakersfield Condors in high-scoring affairs! On Thursday night, the Canucks welcomed Jack Campbell back to the AHL with four consecutive goals, including two shorthanded tallies. On Saturday night, the Canucks rattle off four straight goals for the second time in three nights against Jack Campbell, all at even strength!
I mean, could I be a better predictor of the AHL squad’s success, or what!?
Team Stats
Division Standings
Scoring Leaders
The 5v5 Scoring Leaders chart only tells us so much information. With the number of injuries impacting Abbotsford, it made better sense to show how the players have fared, producing at 5-on-5 per game.
Injury Report
Games 14 & 15 @ Henderson Silver Knights
Following their back-to-back series two weekends ago, the Henderson Silver Knights visited the Colorado Eagles, where they lost one game, 5-1 in regulation, before winning a back-and-forth overtime thriller by a score of 5 to 4.
Not much has changed since these teams last met. Henderson has a marginally better power play (20th-best in the AHL versus Abbotsford’s 25th-best) and a marginally worse penalty kill (22nd-best versus Abbotsford’s 19th-best). Abbotsford is sitting at the top of the AHL by shooting percentage, converting on their shots at a league-leading clip of 13.10%. The Silver Knights are not far behind Abbotsford, with a shooting clip of 12.09%. Offence-generation-wise, both clubs are on the lower end of the shots per-game chart. Abbotsford is generating an average of 28.77 shots on goal per game, the 12th-fewest in the AHL. Henderson, on the other hand, is generating even less! Through 12 games, the Silver Knights have generated the 8th-fewest shots on goal, averaging 28.25 per game.
Defensively, these teams are neck and neck. Abbotsford is conceding the 18th-most shots per game but getting the 17th-best save percentage from their goalie tandem. Henderson is conceding the 20th-fewest shots per game and getting the 18th-best save percentage from their goalie platoon.
Jack Studnicka last played in the AHL with the Providence Bruins, scoring 10 goals and 25 assists over 41 games. Whether he’s used as a center or a wing, Studnicka will add a layer of depth to Abbotsford that they have not had this season, especially as more forwards come off of injured reserve.
Week 6 Predictions 
I’m due for a prediction regression any day now. I’m picking the Canucks to lose in overtime once and win in regulation the other. Both games will be tight, dictated heavily by special teams.


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