Here are the potential team names registered for the Abbotsford AHL team

David Quadrelli
1 year ago
The Vancouver Canucks have registered multiple team names for their new Abbotsford AHL affiliate, according to The Abbotsford News.
The name that appears to be the chosen one is Abbotsford Canucks.
According to WHOisXML API data, the same domain registrar used by the Vancouver Canucks for canucks.com registered the website abbycanucks.com on May 5, 2021. A Facebook sports team page titled ‘Abby Canucks’ was also created on May 5, 2021. TwitterInstagram and TikTok accounts were all created under the ‘Abby Canucks’ name.
“Abbycanucks” isn’t the only domain name that was registered shortly after the Canucks’ relocation announcement was made, however.
Abbotsfordcanucks.com, abbotsfordaviators.com, abbotsfordaeros.com, abbotsfordmillionaires.com, fraservalleymillionaires.com, and fraservalleycanucks.com, were all acquired by various registrants.
According to The Abbotsford News, there were no websites found registered related to potential team names Aces, Avengers, Falcons, Golden Eagles, Pilots or Sockeyes, all of which were on the list of names that season ticket holders were allowed to vote for.
The Canucks will officially unveil the Abbotsford AHL team’s name on July 9th.

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