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Clarke Corsan
1 month ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Patrick Johnston were joined by Frank Seravalli for some insight into the trade market, which has been buzzing with activity leading up to the deadline on Friday.
“There’s a lot of reticence in the market in general to spend big on players who are rentals,” said Frank. “We see it every year where teams dive in and pay the price; then, when they don’t win, inevitably they feel a ton of buyer’s remorse. That’s where Buchnevich is fascinating. The Blues are in an ultimate position of power. They’ve got the premier non-rental forward available on the market, a point-per-game player over these last three seasons, and someone that, when push comes to shove, the Blues know they aren’t extending beyond this current contract. They don’t have to move him now, but I’m told they’re essentially asking for three first-pick equivalents to make this Buchnevich deal happen at a retained number. It sounds like a lot, but he could be one of those players that not just helps put you over the top this year but then is re-signed next year at $2.9 million. That’s a really attractive price.”
“Do you think Jordan Binnington is going anywhere?” asked Patrick.
“I don’t,” Frank answered. “As well as he’s played this year, that contract is a pretty difficult one to move. I did add Linus Ullmark at the very end of my trade target board at 49. It’s a real long shot, which is why he’s indicated that low on the board. You have to at least allow for the possibility of it though because there’s been so much talk; I know New Jersey is one of the teams that inquired. The situation with Boston is they just don’t have very many assets. If you’re a team trying to create value for someone to trade, Ullmark is one way to do it. Again, [it’s a] long shot to happen because they’ve had the best tandem in the league. It’s a big reason why they’ve been able to buoy this season based on where they were last year, despite the pieces they lost. Goaltending is the common thread there, and they’ve been consistently excellent. When you have two guys in Ullmark and Swayman that get along as well as they do, I’d be looking at that situation and try to hang on to it as long as I can. Swayman is also due a new contract next season, and I believe discussions are well underway. They may not be able to afford everyone. It’s just, would you like to do it now or address it in the summer?”
Frank proceeded to crush Quads’ dreams by noting all signs are pointing towards Sidney Crosby signing with the Penguins and finishing off his Hall of Fame career in Pittsburgh.
Quads: “What do you expect from the Canucks in the days leading up to the deadline?”
“I don’t know,” said Frank, noting how hard it is to keep up with the chaos that is the NHL trade deadline. “They’ve kept tabs on the Guentzel situation. The latest I’ve heard is that Pittsburgh seems to be pretty confident that they can extract a significant return. That’s from one of the teams that has made a real pitch for Guentzel that doesn’t think they’re going to get him. I don’t know what it is or what it looks like. Is it Vancouver? I’ve always thought since the Lindholm trade, the way I’m reading the Canucks is they made a significant acquisition, they want to do more, [but] they don’t want to dip into their top prospects — Lekkerimaki, Willander, I’d probably include the other Pettersson in there — they don’t want to move those guys. I’ve always viewed it that they’re going to continue to tinker around the edges, but it’s in Jim Rutherford’s playbook that if something hasn’t worked, cut bait.
“Any chance Guentzel stays in Pittsburgh?” asked Patrick.
“I can’t envision that path,” Frank replied. “Guentzel is beyond frustrated that he hasn’t even talked [about] an extension with the Penguins. They haven’t made one negotiation pitch, let alone an offer, and I think that part has driven him crazy and understandably so after eight years and the level he’s played at.”
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