NHL launches EDGE puck and player tracking stats and it’s pretty damn cool

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By Faber
6 months ago
The NHL is jumping into the future with their new EDGE stat portal, available on the NHL website or by clicking the link HERE.
EDGE provides some pretty fun information about every player and it comes from tacking devices sewn into each jersey as well as information from the puck itself.
Here’s what the NHL website’s overview video explained about EDGE.
“After years of development analyzing millions of data points NHL edge puck and player tracking is bringing fans inside the game with insights and breakdowns of your favourite teams and players. Measuring explosive speed bursts, tracking 100-mile-per-hour slapshot admin scores and analyzing jaw-dropping saves. The NHL edge system uses infrared technology and up to 20 cameras installed in all 32 arenas to capture data from tracking technology. This technology is embedded inside every puck and [has] tags sewn into player sweaters. Fans now have access to some of the same data points as NHL GMs and coaches and can use interactive features to see which players shoot the hardest, skate the fastest, cover the most ground and determine the exact location of each shot. In the years to come. Fans will continue to have access to even more exclusive data taking them even closer to the game.”
You can see some pretty cool team information from just messing around on the website such as: which team is skating the most, which power play has the most movement, and which team controls the most zone time per game.
There are also player cards available.
Here’s what Elias Pettersson’s looks like.
You can see how many 18-20 mph, 20-22 mph and 22+mph bursts a player has had from the tracking in the jersey tags. On top of that, you can see that Elias Pettersson skated 1.45 miles in one period this season and that his season-high for a game was 3.48 miles.
Zone time, shot location, speed and plenty more player-specific stats are available as well.
There’s also a bunch of goalie stats if you’re into that weird stuff.
We also saw team and player-comparible pages. You can compare how much Quinn Hughes to Seth Jones and then laugh at the latest rankings by whatever website has the next weird rankings.
It’s a fun site to play around with and you can find it on the NHL website.

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