NHL agent J.P. Barry discusses Elias Pettersson’s injury, Quinn Hughes’ season, and Tyler Myers’ future

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Jagraj Lalli
16 days ago
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On Wednesday, CAA’s J.P. Barry joined Rick Dhaliwal and Don Taylor on Donnie and Dhali — The Team to discuss various topics related to the Canucks, including Elias Pettersson’s injury, Quinn Hughes’ standout season, and Tyler Myers’ future. Barry, who has negotiated over $1 billion in contracts throughout his career, represents multiple Canucks, including Pettersson, Hughes, and Myers.
During the interview, Barry addressed Elias Pettersson’s knee injury, which was revealed at the end of the season. Barry elaborated on the delicate situation, saying, “As Elias said himself, he was battling through something, but lots of players do. If he says, ‘Look, it’s nothing,’ then everybody just questions his play and abilities. But if he says he was battling with something, that opens up a whole other line of questioning. So, he was in a pretty awkward spot.”
Barry also discussed Pettersson’s confidence after struggling in the playoffs due to the injury. “Any player, especially a high-end player like that, who has a tough time in the playoffs, it’s tough. It doesn’t help, but he’ll have to come back and fight through it in the future.”
Barry was highly positive about Quinn Hughes’s performance throughout the season, calling it a “true breakout year.” He expressed excitement for Hughes, who is a finalist for the Norris Trophy, awarded to the league’s top defenceman. “We’re looking forward to seeing him in Vegas, and I believe he’s going to win that award. I’m excited for him.”
Despite some speculation about Hughes dealing with injuries, Barry emphasized taking the player at their word. “If he thinks it wasn’t enough to affect his play, then we should respect that. One player might say it didn’t affect them, while another might admit it did. Maybe we need to find a different way of asking these questions.”
Tyler Myers’ future with the Canucks was another focal point of the discussion. Barry mentioned that the team and Myers have had conversations about his future, even before the season ended. “We need to figure out our timing, and I don’t think we’re first in line, so we have to see what happens. He likes the city, his family likes the city, and he enjoys playing for the Canucks. He’s especially enjoyed the new coaching staff and has spoken highly about the coaches.”
Barry highlighted Myers’ commitment to the Canucks and his desire to remain with the team to build on their recent success. “He feels better than he ever has and really wants to stay to see if they can build on their success.”
Watch the full interview below:

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