Instant reaction to the Canucks signing Pius Suter and Faber vs. Harm in a battle of the best top-six: Canucks Conversation

By Faber
11 months ago
Our leader of the site and slacker on the Canucks Conversation podcast, David Quadrelli is on vacation this week, so I was joined by Harman Dayal of The Athletic on Friday’s episode of the Canucks Conversation Podcast.
We were blessed-up from the Vancouver Canucks as they announced the signing of Pius Suter exactly one hour before we went to air and the chat was popping off from the second the show started.
Harm and I spent the first quarter of the show discussing what Pius Suter means to the Canucks’ bottom-six as well as what he can add to the penalty kill units. That conversation evolved into a discussion about Vasily Podkolzin or Nils Höglander fitting on a bottom-six role and then we dove in on Elias Pettersson’s contract situation and what our expectations are for a three-four year deal or an eight-year deal.
We then wrapped up by giving our best opening night top-six forward groups and though I liked my group better, Harm absolutely destroyed my hopes for Podkolzin in the top-six by saying that Podkolzin had seven points last season. Seven points was a big point for Harm in the debate.

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There’s some other good topics along the way in Friday’s show like Harman trying sriracha for the first time, J.T. Miller’s interview on the Cam and Strick podcast, and how Pius Suter helps Aatu Räty’s path to becoming a third-line centre at the NHL level.
The full episode can be viewed on the CanucksArmy YouTube channel and clips will be popping up on the channel over the weekend as we dive in more and more on Suter.
Here’s the full episode and if you like what you see, maybe subscribe to the channel!

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