Further dissecting Canucks GM Patrik Allvin’s recent quotes: Canucks Conversation

Clarke Corsan
4 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal went over some of Patrik Allvin’s comments from his interview with Iain MacIntyre. You can read the full piece over at Sportsnet by clicking here.
The guys started off with Allvin’s quotes on being aggressive at the deadline.
Quads: “I would only be upset if this team didn’t add. If they add and fail in the playoffs; it happens. Most of the moves they’ve been making have been good so far. I can’t see them making a move that makes any of us go, ‘Oh, that’s the wrong piece to add.’”
“The only way would be if they sold the farm on a rental they’re not able to keep; that would sting,” said Harm. “Then you’re looking at a situation where Pettersson and Hronek are more expensive, you’ve got a bunch of other expiring contracts; you may regret not having those assets to go out and trade for other pieces that might help the roster. That’s the only situation that might warrant potential criticism from the market.”
Quads: “What does selling the farm mean?”
“If you give up, let’s say a first-round pick and one of your top 3 or 4 prospects, and it’s for a guy who doesn’t move the needle and you get bounced early, that’s a move that didn’t work out and draws criticism,” Harm answered.
The guys then moved onto Allvin’s comments on Andrei Kuzmenko, as the $5.45 million forward has been a healthy scratch 5 times this season, and things haven’t appeared to be heading in the right direction.
Harm: “If you’re going to go out and acquire a top-6 forward, are there ways to add that piece cap-wise without getting a contract back? That might be the scenario where you have to include Kuzmenko to be able to afford a bigger salary. I’m not sure what cap gymnastics are available, but right now, according to Cap Friendly, they’re projected to have 1.2 million at the deadline… If it’s not at this deadline, unless there’s a dramatic turnaround, you figure there has to be a resolution in the offseason. With some of the contracts the Canucks are going to have to sign, you can’t afford to have 5.45 million not being maximized.”
The guys finished with the quotes on Elias Pettersson and his pending contract situation. Pettersson is a restricted free agent at the end of the season, meaning the Canucks are the only team who can sign him to a standard contract. Other teams are eligible to sign RFAs, but only via offer sheets. When asked if he thought it was weird for a core player to hold off on negotiations, Allvin said, “maybe a little bit, yeah.”
Harm: “I’ve consistently brought it up, even this past summer before Pettersson said he wanted to wait until the end of the season to negotiate, and if you look at Pastrnak, who was also repped by J.P. Barry of the CAA, their playbook was really interesting, and Pastrnak gained a lot from that situation. The timeline for that was: on July 1st in 2022, the Bruins tried to sit down with Pastrnak and hammer out a long-term extension right away. Pastrnak wasn’t willing to do it, and I think part of it was wanting to see what the future of the team looked like, so those negotiations were put on hold. Boston got off to an excellent start, similar to what the Canucks are doing, and Pastrnak continued slow-playing it and didn’t put pen to paper until right before the trade deadline… for Pettersson’s situation, he’s made it very clear since that interview with Friedman that he wanted to wait until the end of the season.”
You can watch the full segment in the video below:

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