Frank Seravalli on how the Lindholm trade transpired, Canucks’ deadline plans, and more: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
4 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, Frank Seravilli joined David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal to discuss Vancouver’s trade deadline approach. Rutherford, Allvin and co set the market early by being the first team to go out and get the player they wanted in Elias Lindholm, well ahead of the deadline. 
Harm: Why is it so important for Rutherford to be one of the first movers rather than making deals closer to the deadline?
Frank: I don’t think it’s necessarily about price; it’s about making sure you get the player you want. The Jets were always in on Sean Monahan, but seeing Lindholm go off the board heightened their awareness. To bring that back to Jim Rutherford; he has his sights set on a certain player that’s a curated fit. You can always find a different one; whatever your target is, there’s sort of a check-down option, but are they as good a fit as what you had originally intended? That’s their mantra: ‘We know who we like, let’s strike to make sure we get that player, and that way we’re not dragged into a bidding war.’
Quads: Do you think the Canucks are done trading before the deadline?
Frank: No. I think they’re going to continue to look around. There’s been some talk about maybe adding a forward who can help on the forecheck. I still personally think they’re one defenseman away from solidifying things; their issue is, ‘Can teams have a chance to play for the cup with a wonky 6th/7th defenseman? They can, I saw the Flyers in 2010 exclusively play 4 defensemen, and their 3rd pair guys were getting 2 minutes a game. It’s possible, I just don’t think that’s the best course of action when you’re likely going to lose someone to injury in the war of attrition. One of the reasons why the Canucks are so improved is they’re not relying on replacement-level NHL defensemen anymore; they have bonafide guys in the lineup and the more you can buffer that, the better off your team’s chances are.
Quads: You need depth in the playoffs. Do you have a specific target for us, one you’ve heard or one you think the Canucks should be going after?
Frank: Haven’t heard of a specific target that the Canucks have their sights set on; I think someone like Alex Carrier would be pretty good. He checks all the boxes, not a guy that’s going to excite you in any facet of the game, pretty steady, not going to be a crazy over-the-top acquisition cost. That’s one guy I would look at. At a price point not all that different from Sean Walker from the Flyers, then you watch Nick Seeler, but talking to people with the Flyers (re-signing Seeler) is their focus, but we’ll see.
Harm: Now that the Canucks have added Lindholm, where do they rank when it comes to chances of winning a Stanley Cup?
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