Faber: My goodbye letter to the CanucksArmy readers

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By Faber
7 months ago
This will be my final article here at CanucksArmy. 
Monday marks my first day working for the Vancouver Canucks as their Senior Hockey Writer and a big reason for earning that position comes from the work that I’ve been able to do here on this platform at CA. I wrote my first article here on February 23rd, 2019 after Ryan Biech gave me an opportunity to come on board and contribute as many articles as I could. This became my full-time job last year with the tie-in with the Canucks Conversation podcast.
It was a dream come true to be able to write and talk about hockey for a living and the dream continues on when I’ll walk into the Canucks’ offices on Monday morning.
CanucksArmy gave me a platform to find what the fans wanted and deliver that content daily.
Watching this site grow with the help of you, the readers, has been an incredible experience over my last four-plus years.
This place has become a one-stop shop for instant analysis of Canucks news, deep dives on the team’s prospects, all the amazing stuff that Stephan Roget writes, and of course, The Stanchies. The work behind the scenes from David Quadrelli and the investment from The Nation Network are huge reasons why this site is successful but it ultimately comes down to the people who take in the content and you have all been excellent to deliver content to over my time here.
Writing about the prospects and AHL team has been a passion project for me here and with Dave Hall and Cody Severtson in a position to continue on with those topics, CanucksArmy is in a great place. There’s a formula that’s working here at the site and I’m sure it will continue, if not even better now with the addition of Jeff Paterson as a reporter.
One of the powerhouse writers here is Stephan Roget and I know many of you appreciate the hard work that this guy puts in for the site. His writing is clean and his takes are more often than not spot on. He’s a content machine and an editor’s dream.
To look back at where the site was in 2019 and see it now, the growth is nothing short of amazing.
It’s been my pleasure to write hundreds of prospect articles and keep you in the loop with the revitalization of the Blackfish Prospects Report. The hours that I put in early in the morning, throughout the afternoon on weeknights and pretty much all day every Saturday were so much fun and though it made me have to cancel some of my plans and the drives to Abbotsford never got shorter — it was all so worth it because I saw the reactions that you all left in the comments section about the prospect and AHL coverage.
Continue to support this site because without you reading, commenting and sharing — local-focused coverage will continue to disappear. This is a tough industry to be in, and it feels like every year, we see more sports coverage moving from local to national because the funding just isn’t there.
Nation Network is committed to investing in local coverage of your favourite sports teams and because of the support you’ve shown, it will continue on.
There’s been great investment into the Vancouver market this past year simply from how well this site is performing. Please continue to engage with these articles in the comments section, on social media or just mention CanucksArmy in the lunchroom at work. You have no idea how much all of those little things help this site grow.
I’ll continue to have prospects coverage, Abbotsford coverage, and Vancouver coverage with the Canucks and I’m so excited to grow that position with the team into something similar to what I’ve been able to do here.
Thanks for bearing with me as I became a much more confident writer over the years. I’m looking forward to what’s next in my career but damn did we ever have some good times here at CanucksArmy.
We’ve built a monster.
Continue to support this site and this community because it all kicks ass.
All the best, and I hope to see you at Canucks.com soon.
-Chris Faber

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