CanucksArmy’s Hot Take Survivor Episode 2: First Boot edition!

Cody Severtson
9 months ago
The first week of CanucksArmy Hot Take Survivor was intense, folks.
Several hot takes rotated in and out of elimination status until the very end. It wasn’t until receiving the last internal rankings from one of our contributors that our first boot’s fate was sealed.
As the Jeff Probst of this competition, let’s get into the voting scale we used to determine WHO would suffer the greatest humiliation: being the first boot from CanucksArmy Hot Take Survivor.

The Votes!

177 votes were collected from four sources: the CanucksArmy comment section, Twitter, Facebook, and internally, via our writer’s group chat.
To ensure a fair, democratic elimination process, we weighted the votes accordingly.
Because our contributors’ hot takes were so polarizing, we needed a points system that would reflect where the total votes fell but one that stayed true to the game of Survivor. Ergo, a hot take that received as many 1st place votes as last-place votes would sit near the middle of the pack, neither at the top nor the bottom. A hot take that didn’t wow the voters and appeared mainly in the bottom half of voters’ rankings would be punished accordingly.
Internally, I (Jeff Probst) collected “immunity reasons” from our contributors if we entered a tiebreaker situation.
With that. Presenting, the Hot Take voted (by you) as the coldest/least likely take of the bunch.

The First Boot!

My heartfelt condolences to Noah Strang. He gave it his all, but it wasn’t meant to be this year.
Despite an impassioned plea during his immunity request, his hot take simply did not carry enough sizzle with the voters.
Strang expanded on the likelihood of poor 5v5 goalscoring despite top-tier 5v5 defence, reasoning that “the Canucks becoming stout defensively while struggling to score would be hilarious. Also, it’s not as far-fetched as you might think! Better goaltending, a stricter system from Rick Tocchet, and the addition of players like Teddy Blueger, Carson Soucy, and Ian Cole should help the defence. On offence, if Miller struggles at centre, the team could really struggle to produce anything at 5-on-5 away from the top line.”
Strang’s take earned just one 1st place vote for HOTTEST TAKE. 60% of votes assigned to Strang’s take were in the rankings’ bottom half (4th to 8th).

Next Week on CanucksArmy Hot Take Survivor

Let us know in the comments how you would rate CanucksArmy’s seven remaining Hot Takes by the best/most amusing concept with the greatest likelihood of actually happening. One contributor’s take will outwit, outplay, and outlast the others, and it’s up to you to help us determine who has one aspect of next season figured out already!
A reminder of the takes still on the line for Hot Take Supremacy!
The remaining takes below are ranked, not from best to worst, but to help you vote down in the comment section or on our Google Voting Form!
1. Elias Pettersson will edge out Connor McDavid for the Art Ross Trophy in the final game of the regular season
2. Akito Hirose plays his way into the top four and becomes Filip Hronek’s partner for years to come
3. Arturs Silovs will play more NHL games than Spencer Martin this season
4. Anthony Beauvillier will sign a contract extension with the Canucks before Elias Pettersson does
5. Nils Höglander will become a 25-goal scorer
6. Quinn Hughes scores 20 goals
7. Andrei Kuzmenko scores 50 goals and finishes the season with the highest-viewed Canucks goal on YouTube by the end of the season

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