CanucksArmy Game Day: The revolution is right around the corner… so is the rewrite

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2 years ago

Welcome to the playoffs

Today, the Canucks have the absolute pleasure of playing the Oilers in a mean-nothing game prior to the Stanley Cup Playoffs beginning later in the day. The NHL felt that today’s game and the subsequent ones to follow were very necessary and would not diminish the overall product they hope to protect.
Well, the league failed.
Let’s all imagine if Connor McDavid were to accidentally get hurt today. I do not want to see that happen but you can imagine the league might regret pushing these games through and have a change of heart and cancel the rest.
The Canucks are completely out of gas but like Cosmo Kramer pushing the limits of the test drive in New York, the Canucks will go to the bitter end kicking and screaming, and oh, will they ever scream.
Cue J.T. Miller.
Let’s Do This!™

Lining up the bowling pins

No one has any idea who will be in or out but you’ll know fairly soon. Travis Green revealed there are no more available callups unless someone is hurt, the team we see is what we get.
The season gets better and better.

Damien Cox’s fire tweets, Sekeres’ bombshell, Stanley Cup is drunk, and Edler still hasn’t scored

  • Most of us are in agreement that Damien Cox is a complete doofus and many of his takes are off the mark by a long shot. Recently, he’s hit a few out of the park and last night he had what the kids would call “a fire tweet”. Even DC agrees these meaningless games should not be happening:
  • Sticking with the news, Matt Sekeres had a bit of a bombshell on the Sekeres and Price show yesterday which revealed the Canucks may be considering wholesale changes all the way at the top of the food chain. Will Roberto Aquilini take the reigns and revive a franchise that is quickly becoming destined to fail? Will he pull a Rocky Wirtz and turn the team into a championship juggernaut?
  • Does this also mean that there will be a clean sweep of the organization’s leaders? The next week could be the most intriguing seven days in Canucks history. This team sure knows how to keep everyone’s attention when it should be on something more important like say, the Stanley Cup.
  • Speaking about the Cup, their Twitter account is a bit out to lunch. Apparently, Stanley feels like meeting a few unlikely friends in the Panthers, Wild, and Winnipeg Jets. It mentioned hanging with Vegas and Nashville but those are potential BFFs already.
  • I said Alex Edler’s 100th goal was coming last game and I made a big deal about it. I’m sorry and it won’t happen again. It’s not like he’s going to redeem himself the game after the ticker tape is packed up. Right?

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Travis Green is the pick today. How can this guy come out every game and give it 100%? The Canucks don’t deserve him. I can’t see the team winning another game this season but that hasn’t meant it’s all been for nothing; Travis Green has at least kept this team competitive despite the COVID aftermath.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • The end
  • The revolution
  • The new beginning
  • The Vancouver Canucks revival

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