CanucksArmy Game Day: The new guys are pretty good

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1 year ago

The best of three begins tonight

There really needs to be a trophy for the final three games of the season between the Canucks and the Flames. Call it the “Forgotten One’s Bowl”. There isn’t much to look forward to tonight unless you plan on watching two other teams play in the first round of the playoffs. If you do plan on taking this one in, make sure to root for the top six guys on the Canucks because they’re fighting for the spotlight now that the trade deadline additions are getting the job done.
Brock Boeser would be someone to watch for and oh boy, wouldn’t it be something if Alex Edler at least flirted with a scoring chance. He can’t get shut out, right?
Let’s Do This!™

No one really knows the lineups anymore

Nate Schmidt and Olli Juolevi sat last game in exchange for Jalen Chatfield and Jack Rathbone. Will we see yet another alteration this evening or do they go with the winning lineup strategy?
Playoffs or regular season series?

NHL.com’s in playoff mode, Matthew Highmore > Adam Gaudette, Geoff Courtnall, and Jim Benning

  • These things can be tough to write every now and then and with the end of the season so close and the Canucks having almost nothing to play for aside from each other and their fans, stats can pass the time. Sadly, the league’s website has already moved on from the Canucks and Flames is already posting playoffs statistics/leaders. It’s over folks, they left without us. Brock Boeser could score four goals today and it won’t matter because Tom Wilson has one goal in the playoffs. Rich.
  • Matthew Highmore is making the most of his time in a Canucks uniform. He has three goals in his last two games and those account for almost half of his career total through four seasons. If Highmore can net two more points he’ll have a career-best in well under half the games it took him to achieve six points in Chicago. Well done, sir.
  • Adam Gaudette has a goal and two assists since being traded. Doesn’t seem as exciting.
  • Next week could be a real slobberknocker if the Canucks make wholesale changes and the rumour right now is that Geoff Courtnall is being asked to be an advisor to the team. Interesting choice. Seems a bit Oilers-esque to go “old boys club” with this but hey, maybe it works out?
  • And finally, Jim Benning. We all know the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and Jim Benning seems to be surrounded by Flames (double-pun. 10 points). If he does indeed get his walking papers it’s tough to imagine him getting a job anytime soon. His track record as a GM is not very good but if he were to be hired as a head scout or something along those lines, he may hang around. Think of that for a second: Judd Brackett and Jim Benning with the same job title. WOW!

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Matthew Highmore continues his dominance of the North division and puts up another two points. Sure, that’s a risky bet but there is nothing to lose at this point. Go get em’.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Alex Edler getting at least a shot on goal. His last point was on May 4.
  • Someone waking me up and telling me the Luongo recapture penalty was just a cruel joke and Aaron Ekblad is a Canuck.
  • Destroying anyone that asks in a game of Candy Crush.
  • Ice cream at our local shop.

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