CanucksArmy Game Day: Surviving the final stretch like a boss

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1 year ago

Are they gone, is the pain over?

The Canucks have given us everything, they’ve maxed out the mileage on a season that went awry way too long ago. Tonight, they’ll take on the Oilers, again, and get the elusive win they’ve searched for over a week and a half to find. Connor McDavid has proven he is no match for Vancouver but it is still amazing to see a guy go H.A.M. at the drop of a hat. There isn’t a better player in the league right now and for at least two more games, he’ll be the focal point.
Jack Rathbone, Kole Lind, and soon-to-be Jonah Gadjovich will have all made their NHL debuts and at the very least, this is the part of the season many of us have waited for. Sure, not the most ideal circumstances, but welcome all the same. These are tryouts for real spots next season and even though the games mean nothing, the future means everything.
Let’s Do This!™

If you have a big contract, you’re injured

Brandon Sutter, Antoine Roussel, Jay Beagle, Micheal Ferland, and of course Elias Pettersson are all out, some longer than others. It’s been rough on the Canucks after they survived a massive COVID scare but have continued to be hit with injuries and with that, we get rookies in the lineup. Kole Lind is now a current regular, Jack Rathbone likely will be as well after a decent debut, and Jonah Gadjovich is on the horizon.
It’s not too little, too late because every game these guys get is as valuable as any.

AHL in Abby, J.T. Miller getting crapped on, the NHL DoPS is a joke, and McDavid gets his points

  • It isn’t official but the Canucks farm team is moving to Abbotsford after a long-drawn-out courtship in Utica. This isn’t just good news for Abbotsford and the local scene but for the Canucks’ overall brand. Apparel, jersey concepts, partnerships, advertising trials, and obviously having the teams’ prospects just down HWY 1. This is a massive win for the Province of British Columbia and for anyone thinking it might not work out like we think, you’re dead wrong.
  • Apparently, APPARENTLY, Canucks Twitter is mad at J.T. Miller for his aggressive state these days. Is it the mistakes he’s made? Is that it? This guy has been everything to the Canucks and since returning from the COVID scare he’s been one of their best players. He makes mistakes because he’s involved in everything. Leave the man alone. He’d play net if he could but Alex Edler may take umbrage to that.
  • So let me get this straight: Alex Edler is stuck on the ice for three minutes and knees Zach Hyman which puts him out of the lineup. Edler gets two games because of his malicious act but then Tom Wilson goes postal on the New York Rangers and specifically Artemi Panarin, and gets a $5000 fine. That’s it. That’s it? How does this even begin to make sense? Wilson is a repeat offender and gets less than a slap on the wrist. If the NHL even had a shred of dignity, they would have suspended Wilson for the remainder of the season which is only a few games.
  • Optics are the big problem with the NHL and they will definitely prove a point once something ridiculous happens prior to the end of the season, like the donnybrook that occurred last night. The NHL wants credibility but it continues to sully itself again and again.
  • I told you Connor McDavid was going to score eight points against the Canucks this week and he’s only two points away from that. He’ll definitely get his two tonight and he might even get three. He is just so special and regardless of the Canucks current situation, seeing McDavid do his thing is masterful. Don’t forget that you’re watching greatness; try to forget it’s for the Oilers.
  • You may hate this spot but Alex Edler is stuck on 99 career goals.
  • J.T. Miller is two PPP away from 100 career power play points. He’s going to get there, folks and we need to be supporting him when he does.
  • The last time Jimmy Vesey scored a goal, let alone registered a point, was against the Vancouver Canucks when he was a member of the Maple Leafs. He’s done nothing for Vancouver and it would be nice if he lived up to his ice-time.

PowerGlove Player of the Game

  • Alex Edler. There has to be one game where we parade the Swedish hero. Just get that goal, man. Just get the goal so we can move on. I believe in you, Eddie!

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Kole Lind and Jack Rathbone getting their first goals/points.
  • Improving my short game on the golf course (Friday, folks, can’t wait).
  • McDonald’s Pizza making a return even though it’s not going to happen. Just let us have nice things.
  • A complete 60-minute Canucks effort where we don’t have to blame their fatigue as the reason things didn’t go well.

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