CanucksArmy Game Day: Streakworthy, Schmidt, DBH, and Aaron Pritchett might shave his head because of the Canucks

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2 years ago

Welcome back to the Thunderdome!

The Canucks definitely played a full 60 minutes last night and not only did they get another moral victory but an actual victory as well! With goals seconds apart yesterday it sure felt like the beginning of another letdown and then somehow the Canucks held court and won. Tonight, they’ll try and win two-straight games which feels like an insurmountable task but it has been done before.
Nils Höglander half-attempted the lacrosse goal in a perfect opportunity and it is now only a matter of time before he pulls it off. The countdown clock is on! In one night we went from counting down the minutes to midnight to counting down the minutes to highlights. The Swedish rookie will pull at least one off this season and a playoff run won’t be needed at that point.
Vancouver still needs to see their PP1 get back in gear because their efforts last night were appalling. Appalling.
Can the Canucks actually put a run together? It’s possible.
Let’s Do This!™

Winning cures everything. EVERYTHING (Well, not the power play)

Winning means no changes. It’s possible that Thatcher Demko gets yet another start. He’s so good he’ll shut them out again, BANK IT!
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Winnipeg: City of Winning, Streak Two, Doctor Bonnie, and Nate Schmidt?

  • The Canucks seem to enjoy their time in Winnipeg. They’ve scored a combined eight goals over their two outings there and don’t look now but could the Canucks emulate the Montreal Canadiens and destroy the Jets for another two games at MTS? There’s no Tyler Toffoli for the Canucks but Tanner Pearson could work, right?
  • With a win this evening, this would be the Canucks’ second win streak of the year. There are no trophies for this achievement but it should be celebrated that this team has that kind of potential.
  • Dr. Bonnie Henry has unveiled the WHL in B.C. can commence. Great news for draft prospects and fans that get to atten… nevermind. Seriously, having the WHL up and running is great news and another outlet for hockey to once again flourish. I can’t imagine a Kia Memorial Cup of Scotia Bank Canada happens but it’s a start.
  • Nate Schmidt had a goal and an assist last night which brings hope to the defence. Schmidt has been a tough one to watch this season because there was so much hype leading up to his arrival. He’s saying all the right things but it’s good to see he’s finally hitting the scoreboard. Is another night of helpers in the cards?
  • This has nothing to do with the Canucks… and yet it does:
  • Thatcher Demko is turning into a national treasure and we should respect him. It isn’t his net yet but let me tell you, it’s close. He has a .907 SV% but it’s going to climb. Believe in the process.
  • Quinn Hughes has now gone three games without a point and seven games without a goal. He can’t win a Norris trophy with gaps like that.
  • Is Darryl Keeping going to unveil his March Madness bracket yet, or what?

Canucks PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

I’m going on a hunch here but I think Nate Schmidt is about to go on a run and I’m going to go even hunchier and say J.T. Miller gets his mojo going, too! That’s a lot to ask of two players that haven’t been electrifying — well one, I suppose, since J.T. is top-20 in scoring. Schmidt repeats with two points and gets the PowerGlove.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Sleep, a fully charged Apple Watch, and Aaron Pritchett shaving his head. In an appearance on the PP1 Podcast, country music star Aaron Pritchett — who also happens to be a Canucks fan — said he would shave his head if the Canucks managed to win back-to-back games at any point this season.
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