CanucksArmy Game Day: That McDavid fella, Tryamkin bye-amkin, and Gadjovich time!

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2 years ago

Just hold on, we’re going home

The great Drake said it best, and the Canucks are at home for a pair of games against the Oilers before going to Edmonton to face them a few more times. This should be a ton of fun. Who wouldn’t be excited for Connor McDavid and his journey to 100 points this season? The Canucks have a player or two that could equal that total… combined.
Thankfully, there are only 11 games left but that little possibility of playoffs still looms. Just kidding. They aren’t mathematically eliminated quite yet so I suppose we say there’s still a chance.
Is there even a scenario where they make it? Can someone lay it out for me?
Let’s Do This!™

Lining up for disappointment

There’s still no Elias Pettersson but he hasn’t been thought for most people since well before the great break of March 2021. Jonah Gadjovich has been called up and is quarantining in Winnipeg, LUCKY!
As we mentioned last time, Mikey DiPietro is doing just fine down in Utica and it appears he’s never been better; go figure.
There has been no word if Jack Rathbone will slot in anytime soon but for the foreseeable future, Kole Lind looks to be in the game-day lineup.

Nikita Tryamkin stays, Connor McDavid slays, and the greatest set of goalie pads ever

  • By now, you’ve heard that Nikita Tryamkin is staying put in Russia. He signed a multi-year deal that is believed to be tax-free (nice) and decided to bet on himself early instead of waiting for Jim Benning to move some contracts around to accommodate his contract. Can we all put this story to bed now? Please, let’s move on from this guy if you hadn’t already… three years ago.
  • Connor McDavid is 13 points away from 100 on the season. It’ll be close but the way he’s been performing the last month or so, it would be a pretty safe bet that McDavid gets the job done. Connor should have no problem dismantling the Canucks for eight points if not more over the next four games which would leave him with five to finish off the season. He is so freaking amazing. One day Canucks fans, one day.
  • Look at this goalie setup, just stare and know this guy has the ultimate advantage:
  • Brock Boeser is having a terrific season and yes, some of the results are due to Elias Pettersson being out of the lineup but at the same time, Brock isn’t missing his shots. He sits at a 15.9% shooting rate which is 0.1 away from his second-best season, he’s outscored his season last year and has shorthanded tallies to his name in 2021. Boeser is healthy and has never looked better. When Pettersson does return, most likely next season, these two guys will hit another level.
  • Jonah Gadjovich is a bad, bad man. He’s turning the AHL on its head and he’s on his way to Vancouver. Jonah’s 15 goals this season are four snipes behind the league-leading 19 from a guy named Cooper in Bakersfield. Unless you’ve been to Bakersfield, you’re probably thinking “nobody scores goals in Bakersfield,” and you would probably be correct. Check out Gadjovich’s EliteProspects photo; this guy is going to be a fan-favourite.
  • Vancouver beat Edmonton in their last meeting, 2-1. Always remember.
  • Alex Edler still has not scored this season.

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Brock Boeser gets the nod for this one. He deserves the love and he’ll share it with J.T. Miller this evening. The sniping winger is going to bring the heat tonight, maybe twice.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • The vaccine. Missed my chance yesterday but like Indiana Jones, I’m on the hunt. Unless there are snakes, then I’m gone.
  • Alex Edler is scoring tonight and we all need to look forward to this great achievement in front of all the fans in Vancouver that paid their hard-earned money to see a legend.
  • Selling my Kirill Kaprizov Young Gun (DM me for pricing). Wait, this isn’t connected to Facebook Marketplace?
  • Canucks making the playoffs. Yep, back on my BS again.

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