CanucksArmy Game Day: Day to day, Holtby uses Schmidt’s “safe word” at a Canucks practice, and injuries!

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1 year ago

So… Injuries!

The break is almost here and the Canucks have to be looking forward to it. There are barely enough healthy bodies to ice a lineup and it’s starting to show. Bo Horvat took an absolute blast from Alex Edler last game and is listed as day-to-day. Somehow, that doesn’t seem truthful.
It’s a real mess with this team right now and just when the Canucks thought their opponents would make up the games in hand, COVID comes along and postpones the Canadiens until the end of the month because of course it does.
The writing on the wall is in fat, black sharpie: the Canucks aren’t going to make it and Jim Benning needs to start selling parts off like a shady chop shop. It’s done, Jim. The Jets will look to finish off the Canucks tonight and put them into the break on a real low note.
That being said, they play the games and anything is possible.
Let’s Do This!™


Didn’t believe us at the beginning? Elias Pettersson will likely return after the Canucks’ upcoming break, Bo Horvat hasn’t yet been ruled out for tonight’s game, Jay Beagle won’t be available, and Tanner Pearson is hurt too and blah, blah, blah.
It’s bad right now at the very worst of times. This is the Canuck way (wait no, it’s CanucksArmy) and this shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s not as dark as Black Tuesday so we should be thankful for that.

Safe Words with Schmidt, What Works Right Now, Make-Up Calls, That’s SO Canucks

  • Nate Schmidt dropped by OT with Caroline Frolic, Lindsey Horsting, and Lina Setaghian on SN650 last night and revealed there is a “Safe Word” when Nate needs to tone it down a bit. Apparently, this is a thing and Braden Holtby finally dropped it at a Canucks practice and hilarity ensued:
  • The NHL is investigating a serious incident involving referee Tim Peel and a “make-up” call. The evidence is pretty damning and if the NHL ultimately admits to this, what are the repercussions? STAY TUNED!
  • If Bo is good to go (a slight nod to a great TV franchise), putting him with Brock Boeser and Nils Höglander is the ultimate move right now. That line is the seventh-best line in the league — including defensive pairings — with a 5.88 Goals For/60. They’re the fourth-best forward line just behind Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Kailer Yamamoto at 6.21. Thanks for the stat MoneyPuck.com!

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  • Thanks to the Montreal Canadiens COVID-19 scare/exposure, two of a possible three games in hand will be postponed which really puts the Canucks’ efforts in a bad spot. If these are made up at the end of the season the stress level will reach Midnight. Now, what if Montreal is forced to dissolve these games and it comes down yet again, to point percentage as it did last season did? Folks, we’d have a situation for sure!
  • What if offsides were treated like ball hockey? Go offside, lose possession, keep the puck moving, creates potential odd-man rushes, and creates more offence. This is a winning idea and you know it.

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Bo Horvat. Regardless of if he plays or not, Bo is the man with the glove. If he plays, he’ll hobble his way to at least a goal/moral victory and if he doesn’t play, the team is so inspired that they wax the Jets in a way that’s criminal.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • Jim Benning succeeding in a trade. Very excited if it involves one of the waiver pick-ups.
  • The new Mighty Ducks Reboot on Disney+ (have I done this one before?)
  • That container ship turning itself around and freeing itself from the Suez Canal. Hope your day isn’t as bad as this person’s:

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