CanucksArmy Game Day: Höglander has the touch, Eichel trade packages, and is Travis Green’s time up?

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2 years ago

Winning is still losing around these parts

Only as a Canucks fan do we know that even when the team is winning, it’s still finding ways to lose. After an impressive win last night against the Jets, the Canucks were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. It was inevitable but there was still that outside chance they could pull it off.
Knowing the Canucks, they’ll run off six of their final seven games with wins to put the dagger in a little deeper. This isn’t anything new so the realists won’t be too bothered by their latest exit. That being said, they do have a game tonight and it would be great to see the young guys get a tally or two on the board.
Nils Höglander had himself a game last night and he’ll definitely want to keep it going this evening. It might be over but there is plenty to be excited about going into the offseason.
Let’s Do This!™

Shuffling the deck

Kole Lind was in the press box last night and may draw back in, but Zack MacEwen is back and there’s a chance we may also see Jonah Gadjovich. Is there a reason the Canucks have to play Matthew Highmore or Marc Michaelis? I get they made some trades to make one of them happen, but seriously, what are we even doing here?

Canucks still in the red and haven’t paid Green, Höglander has arrived, the Draft lottery and that Demko save

  • How has Travis Green not been offered a contract yet, a real contract? There are two schools of thought on this: Management either believes he’s the right guy for the job or he isn’t. They’ve spent money in the offseason, they’ve spent money to shore up their goaltending position, but the man equally as important to the team’s success is left out in the cold. We should start preparing for Green to not be the coach because no respectable organization would have muffed it this bad.
  • Nils had himself a game last night and even his teammates were fist-bumping him and rubbing his helmet when the final whistle went. They know what he means to this team and that they have another impactful young player making a difference every night. Even though it’s gimmicky, when Nils pulls off “The Michigan goal”, we’ll know that the confidence he exudes is ready to flow.
  • Are the Canucks going to consider a Jack Eichel for Elias Pettersson trade? Would any of you make that move or is he not a “good in the room guy”? What’s the best trade package the Canucks could put together not involving Pettersson?
  • The Draft Lottery is coming and everyone that’s anyone is using the simulator these days. I took the plunge and 30+ spins later, the Seattle Kraken had won it eight times while the Canucks finished second three times. So even the theoretical Canucks can’t catch a break.
  • Back to the Swedish sensation for a minute: Nils is fourth in rookie even-strength points with 25. Sure, he’s not Jason Robertson or Kirill Kaprizov but he’s in the mix in his first season and that’s all that matters. That kid has a bright future.
  • Thatcher Demko is worth every penny:

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Jack Rathbone. I don’t know why exactly but I just have a feeling he’s going to do something ridiculous. Just a hunch. I think I’m 1/25 with hunches, so there’s that.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Brock Boeser finishing with a goal-a-game to end the season.
  • Opening up kids and adult outdoor league sports so we can have a bit more of a life this summer.
  • Finishing season three of Breaking Bad.
  • Travis Green getting a contract… with the Canucks.
  • Another Canucks win.

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