CanucksArmy Game Day: Food takes, the playoff bar, and DemKO’d

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2 years ago

The Bye is Nigh or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Break

Your Vancouver Canucks (yes, even you doomsdayers) are two games away from their bye week and have an opportunity to gain four very valuable points this week that could see them in a playoff spot for at least a day or two… or more. The Winnipeg Jets have made it to Vancouver and will try and break their little losing streak while the Canucks will try to pick up points in nine of their last 10 games.
Thatcher Demko, of course, will be a big reason the Canucks accumulate those points and after a well-deserved rest, he’ll get another shot to prove his worthiness of a Vezina nod.
This one could be fun.
Let’s Do This!™

Still, No Petey, Vesey Is Regular… Holtby Is Not

Elias Pettersson is still injured but he’s riding a scooter. So based on that concrete knowledge, it’s not a lower body injury.
Jimmy Vesey had a decent debut and is now embedded in the lineup. Braden Holtby needs a laxative sponsorship apparently according to HNIC:

Cake Pops, DemkoVision, Resilience, and End Game

  • Since Feb 1, Thatcher Demko is T-2 in SA with 550 and third in saves with 508.  His save percentage is a solid .924. When Demko is given two days rest his SV% has shot up to .939 and after three days rest it hits .942. With the break this weekend, he should be poised to have a massive start tonight — not that he hasn’t done that every game already.
  • Even when everything seemed lost and both Jim Benning and Francesco Aquilini addressed the fans and media, the Canucks persevered and now find themselves on the edge of a playoff spot. Their recent run has even cracked the most hardened critics to thinking it could be possible. This last week proved that if teams take the Canucks to extra time, they do NOT want them to gain control because the game can end rather quickly. That being said, relying on stellar goaltending isn’t a gameplan for success. It’s time to see the play stay the other way. Time for some goals.
  • Food takes often dominate the Internet and there are a few below that we’ll likely agree with and one that will drive you mad. First up, Micaela Gaudette brings some truth to Twitter about Starbucks cake pops: they’re delicious, albeit expensive. Dropping 10 in a sitting? We all would love to do that.
  • Second, this should never, ever happen:
  • And finally, this guy. I can’t do KD anymore, I think it’s the texture. I need shapes. Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones or the Mario Brothers? I just feel like I’ve moved on and yet for some, they’ve moved on from a serving to “oh, you wanted some?”
  • Brock Boeser has been given a great opportunity to be THE dude this season and with the loss of Pettersson and the reconfiguration of the top two lines, he’s been all-world. He’s five goals off the lead for the Richard trophy and it’s not unthinkable he could go on a run to finish the season and get close. His Endgame is ultimately a playoff spot but the return of Brock Boeser is a story that we’ve waited two seasons for. I’d take that and some trades over a short playoff run any day.
  • Alex Edler still hasn’t scored.

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Quinn Hughes. He is getting zero credit for the season he’s had and still manages to be four points behind Victor Hedman for the lead among defenceman. Cale Makar isn’t even close right now. Hughes hasn’t had the best “defensive” season but he’s been relied upon to handle way more than any of his defence partners. Quinn has 50% of his points on the power play and (obviously) 50% at even strength. He’s also playing just over a minute less per game below Makar and yet Cale is getting the spotlight as a Norris fave. Go get em’ Huggy!

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • A win for the Vancouver Canucks hockey club
  • Multiple Brock Boeser goals
  • A free coffee
  • Re-watching NewsRadio

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