CanucksArmy Game Day: Elias Pettersson moved to LTIR, the thrilla from Milla, and winning is fun

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2 years ago

So about those playoffs… (still looking grim)

The Canucks played a convincing game last night in Montreal, one that almost could have been framed. But then they shot themselves in the foot again and allowed their opponent new life and took a team they’re trying to catch in the standings to OT yet again. Sure, they won with a highlight-reel goal from J.T. Miller but it shouldn’t have to be interesting that late in the game.
As the coach in Be A Pro mode will tell you when you’re up a goal: “keep it clean”. The Canucks are having a hard time subscribing to that approach right now and yes, it’s a lot of fun to see them win but it defeats much of the purpose if they allow the team back in the game.
They get another chance to right the ship and take three of four points against the Canadiens but Vancouver needs a statement game and it can’t just be in goal.
Let’s Do This!™

No Time Soon For Pettersson, Too Much Sunscreen Means Canucks Without Tanner As Well

Did I get that right? Did it work? Hopefully, I didn’t miss the mark on that one there.
Elias Pettersson has been moved from the IR wing to the LTIR wing, and won’t be available until March 31, which is after the bye week. Tanner Pearson has taken a huge hit to his trade stock with a lower-body injury that keeps him out for up to four weeks because of course it does. Jimmy Vesey is now slotted in the lineup and he didn’t look that bad in his debut.
Can the Canucks afford to have any more injuries to this already depleted squad?

The Twitter Take

I made a rule to let this feature go, but last night had a gem and it deserves its day. The tweets won’t be posted here but this sums it up and you need to do your own research:

(500) hockey and winning, J.T. Miller is the first rounder we deserve, Gaudette is hungry, and Demko again

  • Your Vancouver Canucks have reached sea level. They are officially playing .500 hockey at least for one day. Now, the hard work begins. They’ve won a bunch of games recently but they needed those to get even remotely close to a playoff shot. If the Canucks can build up a few more points and even be in a legitimate spot come the bye week, they can keep it interesting down the stretch.
  • If you didn’t know already, J.T. Miller has reached 100 points as a Canuck. That is pretty impressive considering the whole “first-rounder thingy”. He’s been great for the Canucks despite his F-bombs/60 and he’s on a 2G/2A run in his last five games. Ah yes, the last five, a telling tale. When push comes to shove, Miller will need to be re-signed. Yes, I’m fully aware he’s here for a while.
  • Can anyone explain why Adam Gaudette has turned on the jets all of a sudden? Fresh off the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, Gaudette gets in on another goal after the shootout winner a few nights ago. The broadcast of the game didn’t allow us to see it properly until the replay but Gaudette is feeling it right now. Another guy who is due to become a UFA, the Canucks can lock him up for cheap.
  • What is Thatcher Demko ultimately capable of? He’s terrorized shooters for a good portion of the season and he’s putting himself in the “elite” category. A rough start to the season has watered down his numbers but he’s sporting a .921 now and is just .006 off of third in the league. Jacob Markstrom made a solid case last season but this is getting into “the media has to notice now” territory. He’s been aggressive in the net and hasn’t forced himself out of position. Maybe re-sign Ian Clark, as well?
  • Since Aaron Pritchett made the bet with the PP1 Podcast for the Canucks to win two straight, Vancouver has reeled off an 8-2 record. Just saying.

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • J.T. Miller goes back-to-back and puts on a show for the finale of the two-game set in Montreal. That goal in OT really was something. He has the anger that fuels him. That alone is worth four shots on net tonight.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • Playoffs baby!!!
  • Nils Höglander scoring yet again and maybe from behind the net?
  • A properly officiated game

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