CanucksArmy Game Day: Dominating the Leafs, braggin’ bout Bo, and The Save

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2 years ago

Two Days of Extra Rest Turns You Into The Best

It would have been so easy to play 60 minutes and go through the motions against the Maple Leafs on Sunday but the Canucks had no aspirations of just “playing it out”. Sunday’s game wasn’t just a victory, it wasn’t just two points: it was masterful. Figuring out how to match up against a Leafs team that is still gearing up to make a run towards the Cup this season wouldn’t be easy, but as the game went on, the Canucks proved to be a tough opponent.
But last game was last game.
Tonight, the Canucks will try and do it again; they’ll try to SHOCK THE WORLD! Eastern media will be sent into a frenzy, Bitterbros will be up in arms over lost draft spots, but the Canucks will be playing for the ones that matter most: themselves. This is the Canucks hockey we’ve waited for, it’s all the feels until the end.
Braden Holtby will likely start once more and after his epic performance last game, he deserves it. That’s where we’re at right now.
Let’s Do This!™

Do The Crime, Do The Time, and Other Players Of Interest

Alex Edler has been given a two-game suspension for his knee-on-knee hit with Zach Hyman who will be out for a few weeks. It didn’t look great and Edler won’t dispute it. That being said, could we see Madison Bowey in the lineup? Is Kole Lind finally going to make his debut as well?
Unfortunately, because Edler is out we’ll have to wait at least two games to see the potential lineup of FOUR former Kelowna Rockets in the lineup at the same time. Tyler Myers would be the fourth player in that group. Believe in the process, folks.
It should also be noted that:
You can’t make this stuff up.

Best Save Ever? The Playoffs? Damo Again? Drance The Traitor?

  • When the season ends, the Canucks may not be in the playoffs, they might not even have a decent draft position but they’ll have Braden Holtby’s spectacular rainbow save and it ranks up there with some of the greatest of all time. It’s surprising that Roberto Luongo hasn’t chimed in on this save.
  • Last night, the Montreal Canadiens lost to the Edmonton Oilers and with that loss, the Canucks could finish with identical 73 point seasons. Unlikely, but it makes you think: Do the Canucks have some weird ju-ju right now that makes them unexplainably good? Weirder things have definitely happened but without Elias Pettersson potentially for the rest of the season (via reports), it’s going to be uphill all the way.
  • But maybe playoffs?
  • Our boy Damien Cox is at it again trying to gain back his Vancouver fan base via the Twitter box.
  • Mr. Cox just isn’t good at serving himself to the masses these days and it would simply be easier to not say anything at all.
  • While we were just minding our own business, one of Thomas Drance’s elementary classmates outed him as a through and through Panthers fan. It’s been tough this last year but this is the head-scratcher Damien should have been referencing:
  • Just win baby!

PowerGlove Player of the Game™

  • He can’t do it two games in a row, can he? Bo Horvat took the captaincy and just simply owned it. Tonight, my pick for the PGPOTG is J.T. Miller. Could it be the unofficial captain that gets the job done tonight? That’s who I pick.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • The Playoffs. Yup, I’m that guy now.
  • Taco Tuesday!
  • Making a list outlining why owning a practice golf green is a good idea and not irresponsible as an adult.

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