CanucksArmy Game Day: The dogs of Canucks Twitter and the Stanton-Tortorella poop story

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1 year ago

Maybe the Canucks won’t make the playoffs now?

The two losses against the Ottawa Senators have been a real buzzkill and the chance of the Vancouver Canucks making the playoffs is now at a staggering 2.5%. This is not good. Vancouver has done pretty well considering they haven’t had Elias Pettersson for a while now but they might need a boost of energy from a few of their younger players if they’re going to hang around.
Ottawa still hasn’t looked stellar but the Canucks just haven’t been able to figure them out. Not burying either 2 on 1 to start the second period last game wasn’t a good look. It’s tough to say what it will take to beat the Senators but I’ll tell you one thing: if the power play continues to be as predictable as ever, the Canucks aren’t winning a thing.
C’mon Travis, you’re playing for a new contract!
Let’s Do This!™ — only this time, at 2:30 PM!

The cap can’t really be the only reason this lineup is boring, right?

Okay, why is Kole Lind not playing yet? How is Jack Rathbone not at least on the third pairing? Should Loui Eriksson come back and save us again?
This lineup needs an injection of change even if just for a game. The Canucks aren’t going to lose three-straight to the Senators and if a kid like Lind gets a shot, he knows the stakes. Give us something Travis, we beg you!
Elias Pettersson is still not back and there doesn’t seem to be evidence Thatcher Demko is ready to go again.

The non-playoffs, Canucks Country Rocks!, more dog pics, and Ryan Stanton’s frightened poop

  • So remember when I mentioned the Canucks currently have a 2.5% chance of making the playoffs? Yep, it’s bad. Vancouver HAS to win tonight because they have the Leafs tomorrow and Saturday followed by a heavy diet of the Edmonton Oilers and Connor McDavid. People have been pretty critical of the stats crowd about the Canucks’ non-goodness — or its lack of results — basically, people are mad that stats say they suck. A 2.5% chance of making the playoffs does sort of mean that’s true. By all means, have fun but like the great Jay-Z once said “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.”
  • On Thursday night, the Canucks Alumni and a handful of Canadian country music stars will team up for a virtual concert (normally in person) to raise money for multiple charities including B.C. Children’s Hospital and other organizations raising awareness for mental health. There is a silent auction with some awesome Canucks prizes and opportunities, as well as some neat swag that can be purchased.
  • Dallas Smith, Aaron Pritchett, Jojo Mason, Chad Brownlee, The Odds, and more will perform their hits, and honestly, why wouldn’t you want to listen to some tunes and support a great cause?
  • Tickets for the online event can be purchased (here) and if you’d like to make a donation, that can be done (here)
  • On a recent SN 650 hit, Kevin Bieksa dropped a truth bomb that made most of our weeks:
  • Quinn Hughes is currently producing at a 0.76/point-per-game pace which would have him currently finishing 3rd in defensemen scoring this year. He has an uphill battle if he’s going to get close but considering what this team has been put through, there are still bright spots to look for.

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Quinn Hughes goes off tonight/today for a 3-point game. It’s impossible to know how but he’ll do it.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Pizza with 35% more gluten
  • A Canucks power play that doesn’t rely on passing to the wings 100% of the time
  • Jake Virtanen scoring a goal so everyone can shotgun a beer and believe he’s about to make a comeback
  • Artus Silovs real name

And finally, the dogs of Canucks Twitter

I called out last night to ask for your doggo pics and you all CRUSHED it! Unfortunately, if I included everyone’s tweets this post would take an hour to load and would probably crash immediately. Here’s a collage of the group and if there is a double photo or I missed one past my deadline, I personally apologize and maybe we can make this a bigger thing in the future.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. This was beyond fun and for an hour I had a perma-smile getting to know you through your dogs. Thankfully, if you want to see bigger pics of everyone’s puppers, just go back to this thread.

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