CanucksArmy Game Day: Depleted, decimated, and disgusted, but here we are

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2 years ago

If it’s a game you want, then it’s a game you shall get

The Canucks are back today after a very long, brutal bout with COVID-19. Despite what many Canucks fans feel, this game will be played with as many “healthy” bodies as possible. There are still a handful of players on the COVID list so the group that takes the ice today will likely be a blend of Comets, Taxi Squad, and actual Canucks.
Not a problem.
The NHL believes that two extra days of rest will put the Canucks in a much better position to play out their season and make a stride towards a final playoff push. Two extra days apparently eliminate the effects of COVID completely. They should probably tell the CDC this, they may want to know.
Hockey has been the least of anyone’s worries in the last few weeks and if you care about people in general, it still should hold true.
There is no reason for the Canucks to play out this season; they have nothing to prove. Sure, the players are hyper-competitive but that’s their nature.
When the season is done for the Canucks, this game will not matter one bit. There’s a bigger issue brewing.
Let’s Do This!™

Walking Wounded

There will be no Elias Pettersson, likely for the rest of the season as he is scheduled to see another specialist. Quinn Hughes is also still out from what we’re told, and from the reports of Hughes requiring an IV during his fight with COVID, every precaution should be taken.
Thatcher Demko, Olli Juolevi, and Tyler Motte will not be available tonight, per coach Green.
Not sure what to expect on the Leafs side, but they’ll be fine.

Elliotte Speaks, Utica’s Devilish Desires, Sutter, Bo, and Biech

  • HNIC provided some interesting information on Saturday night and leave it to Elliotte Friedman to drop the hammer, not to mention the second clip below that was spearheaded by CanucksArmy Utica insider Cory Hergott that opened a can of worms the other day and now it’s headline news:
  • Uh, yeah. Hockey in Vancouver is going to take a massive hit this offseason. Hope you enjoyed the run!
  • Brandon Sutter and Bo Horvat spoke at length about their experience with the virus and how it ran through their respective families. How they would be able to play a 60-minute hockey game when guys like Sutter can’t even climb a flight of stairs without being absolutely gutted, is beyond me.
  • Did I mention they shouldn’t be playing? Just making sure you’re following along.
  • On Saturday, former CanucksArmy editor Ryan Biech informed the community that his mother passed away from Cancer. It’s a horrible disease and we offer our sincere condolences to Ryan and his family at this time.
  • One last thing: the Canucks aren’t going to give up on this season and they’ll give every effort to make the postseason. It is an uphill climb if there ever was one but believe me, this team has something left in them still. If it’s enough, watch out.
  • If you’re looking for them in the game tonight, Adam Gaudette and Jordie Benn are no longer Canucks. Maybe you missed that somewhere.
  • AND MADISON BOWEY IS A CANUCK!!! (Sorry, my Ryan was showing a bit there)

PowerGlove Player of the Game™

This one’s easy: the Canucks as a whole. Coming back from this virus has got to be tough. They’re doing it and coming back to play a team that should have no problems beating the Canucks. It’s going to be a tough task but we’ll be watching. We are all Canucks? You’re damn right we are.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • So, I’ve got these fried dill pickles sitting in the freezer that I STILL haven’t finished. They’ll be on the menu tonight. They must be stopped!
  • Canucks hockey. I forgot what hockey was. I haven’t seen a single NHL game in three weeks and I can’t wait to get that feeling again.
  • Schooling my kids in Badminton. They need to know how to lose before they can win.

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