CanucksArmy Game Day: Bottom six beauties, Miller time, and B-MAC is back!

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2 years ago

McDavid is gone, we can come out from our hiding places

The Canucks begin a double-dip against the Winnipeg Jets this evening and they need the win like you need to save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to GEICO. Vancouver is still in the playoff hunt unless the Canadiens beat the Oilers tonight and then it’s all over and we can start pre-booking tee times because we don’t need to be home in time to catch the game.
Until then, there’s a game to play.
Vancouver has had fits with the Jets this season but they’ve figured them out a few times as well. The Canucks have hung in there but the Jets won’t make it easy.
It sure would be nice to see a run to end the season, for the #firebenning crowd mostly.
Let’s Do This!™

Canucks unlock Will, promote him to the squad and we still don’t get to see Loui

We’re at the “it’s over but it’s not officially over” stage, so the kids are coming. Will Lockwood has been called up to the taxi squad and it’s great to see the next wave get their feet wet. It’s also likely Jonah Gadjovich will start this evening after finishing his quarantine in Winnipeg. No word on the return of Elias Pettersson and the guy behind the bench still doesn’t have a contract.
Things are fine.

Forget the top-six, it’s the dollar menu that’s getting it done, J.T. Miller breaking away, and B-Mac returns to the airwaves

  • Four of the Canucks’ last nine goals have come from the dollar value menu in the form of Tyler Graovac (obviously), Travis Boyd (is there anyone else?), and Jayce Hawryluk (not enough vowels). This would be great if it was mid-season but it’s probably a bit too little, too late. This is just as much of an audition for the bottom six as it is for anyone else. Is this the same team we’ll see next season? Probably not.
  • He continues to put his game face on night in and night out and J.T. Miller did it again with that beauty of a breakaway against the Oilers. He knew what he had for time and executed extreme patience before throwing down a final deke to score. He has points in four of his last six games and goals in three of those. Miller has also led the Canucks with nine points since the start of April and is one of only three players to score a PPG for Vancouver in that time. Where are the haters getting their info?
  • Barry Macdonald is returning to the audio airwaves when he joins Donnie and Dhali today shortly after 10 AM on CHEK TV. Many people know the struggles B-Mac has gone through so this is huge news and we should all be so lucky to hear him with the guys again. Can’t wait!
  • That drop pass needs a revamp. If the Canucks are going to continue to trot out that dumpster fire move, it needs to get in check. This season thankfully has been a wash but when things get back to normal the Canucks need to find more effective ways of gaining the zone and not some gimmicky play that exposes them for the talent-thin team they are. Watch the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Edmonton Oilers, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and I’d guess even the Detroit Red Wings: this isn’t a move that wins games. Figure it out.
  • Back to Miller for a second:
  • What are we looking at here? I love Corey Hirsch but I don’t know why he feels Miller should be gone. Just feels off.
  • John Tortorella is done with Columbus after the season and I’m kinda here for it. What are the odds he gets to right his wrongs in Vancouver? Could you even imagine? Let’s do this. Wait.
  • Let’s Do This!™

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Jack Rathbone has opened my eyes to what his future is going to be. He was taken in the fourth round and he fits in brilliantly with this team already and doesn’t look out of place one bit. Sure, he has rookie mistakes but my money’s on Bonesy for player of the game tonight and definitely for next season.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Hearing Quadrelli’s baseball woes after being clinically out of shape for more than two years. I think this is what they call a “beef”.
  • The Kraken being an instant rival when they offer-sheet Pettersson/Hughes (either or) and throw the first punch. This would be one for the ages.
  • The Canucks winning out but Montreal winning one more game and the volcano explodes.

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