Canucks legend Kirk McLean appears in video alongside William Shatner about open-net salmon farming

Photo credit:Pacific Wild
Michael Mazzei
21 days ago
Former Vancouver Canucks goalie Kirk McLean made a cameo appearance in a video protesting against open-net salmon farming.
McLean politely pleads in the video that “Open-pen farms should really reconsider their practices.”
A befuddled William Shatner simply responds, “What the f***, Kirk McLean? Come on, man, you’re a hockey player!” This prompts McLean to change his stance slightly, saying instead: “Sorry. Your s***ty unnatural practices f***ing suck!”
The ad campaign was made in response to the federal government’s new plan for phasing out the controversial practice of open-net salmon farming. It was originally targeted to be in 2025 but has now been pushed to 2029, which has left neither side fully happy with the compromise, with the supporters saying it will be impossible logistically, while critics feel the timeline is not aggressive enough to help save the wildlife.
Pacific Wild, the makers of this ad, obviously fall into the latter category and recruited Shatner to star in the spot. No matter how you feel about open-net salmon farming, it is hard to deny that the commercial is quite funny and seeing McLean let loose is an enjoyable sight.
Originally acquired in 1987 via a trade with the Devils, McLean spent over a decade as a member of the Canucks where he rode the highs and lows of the franchise throughout his tenure. He was best known for his stellar performance in the 1994 playoffs where he backstopped Vancouver all the way to Game 7 of the Stanely Cup Final before ultimately falling to the Rangers. He went 15-9 that spring and posted a .928 SV% along with a 2.28 GAA.
By the time he was traded to the Hurricanes during the 1997-98 campaign, McLean had complied a record of 211-228-62, a .887 SV% and a 3.28 across 516 games played. Although he is far from their winningest goalie in team history (that distinction belongs to Roberto Luongo), McLean remains the franchise leader in games played for a goalie.
Across a 16-year career where he also played for the Panthers and Rangers, he posted a record of 245-262-72, a .887 SV%, and a 3.26 GAA. He also got in seven playoff appearances (all with the Canucks) where he went 34-34 registering a .907 SV% and a 2.84 GAA.

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