Canucks GM Benning: Brandon Sutter still dealing with long haul effects of COVID-19

Photo credit:Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports
David Quadrelli
2 years ago
Vancouver Canucks forward Brandon Sutter is still dealing with the effects of his COVID-19 diagnosis from April, general manager Jim Benning told reporters Monday morning.
“He’s going to be out for a while,” said Benning. “He’s not going to be back anytime soon.”
“The first step for him is for him to get feeling better and then once he’s healthy enough and he’s feeling better then he’ll start working out and get back out on the ice.”
Sutter spoke with Thomas Drance of The Athletic last season about his symptoms with COVID:
“I’d go up a flight of stairs,” Sutter said. “I’d get up there and you can’t get a deep breath you’re just like …” Sutter mimicked taking a deep, urgent breath.
“It’s like you’re having a hard time catching your breath. You’d feel, like, light-headed and your chest would be so full of air, but it’s not.
“I never felt like I was at risk of anything really bad — or any of my family were at risk of anything really bad — but I 100 percent understand how what we had would pose a serious risk to someone that’s older or who is higher-risk.
“Once you have it, you really understand why this is such a big deal, because of how much it affects people.”
Sutter, 32, was re-signed in the offseason and is entering his seventh season with the Canucks.

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