Canucks GM Patrik Allvin offers timeline for prospects Lekkerimäki, Willander, and Pettersson

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David Quadrelli
5 months ago
Vancouver Canucks general manager Patrik Allvin is probably the best person to ask when it comes to figuring out when the club’s top prospects over in Sweden will be making the jump to North America.
Canucks fans have gotten a good look at those three prospects, as Jonathan Lekkerimäki, Tom Willander, and Elias Pettersson (the defenceman) have been integral parts of Team Sweden’s World Junior Chmapionship squad. Sweden finished with the best record in their group during the preliminary round, losing just one of their four games (in a shootout no less). Lekkerimäki scored three goals in Sweden’s first four prelim games and has looked like one of the best goalscorers at the tournament thus far.
According to multiple reports, Allvin met with Swedish media and offered timelines on these three prospects.
Thanks to Reddit user CrYztaLreddit, we have a rough translation of the interview Allvin — the only Swedish NHL GM — gave on the Swedish broadcast of Sunday’s game against Finland. Here is what CrYztaLreddit wrote in their post:
On Lekkerimäki:
Allvin mentioned that he’s happy with Lekkerimäki’s development so far, but when asked about when he would get his chance in the NHL, he was hesitant to give a solid answer and said that he still has to build some strength and likely need to adjust to the smaller ice in North America but he anticipates Lekkerimäki to come over to North America ” next year ” after “8 more months and a good summer” to hopefully fight for a spot in the Canucks lineup but a stint in Abbotsford was not ruled out.
On Pettersson (D):
Allvins mentions that Elias has the size/strength and mentions hes mobile for his size. When asked about when he would get his chance in North America he mentions as soon as Västerås(His Club) are done with their season (Regular season ends Mars 8 for Västerås not including potential promotion playoffs) they want to bring him over to help him adjust to the smaller ice and acclimatize him in Abbotsford. So seeing Elias come to Abbotsford towards the end of the season seems to be their plan for now.
On Willander:
When asked about where Allvin sees Willander in the Canucks defence hierarchy, he mentions that they are in no hurry with Willander but he has the qualities to be a top 2/3 defenseman with some more experience.
Next up for Sweden and the Canucks’ prospects is their first game of the medal round against Switzerland tomorrow. We’ll continue to have full game previews and recaps all tournament long, so keep it locked at CanucksArmy!
What do you think of Allvin’s timeline for these three top three prospects? Let us know in the comments section below!

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