Canucks fans take to Scott Road for celebrations in Surrey after Game 1 win over Predators

Photo credit:© Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports
Jagraj Lalli
4 days ago
A wise man once said, “With a new era, comes change.” 
In the case of the city of Vancouver and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, some things will never change.
After enduring years of anticipation, the city of Vancouver and the entire province of British Columbia erupted in celebration as playoff hockey returned to Rogers Arena.
For so many years, fans and residents have eagerly awaited the chance to see their beloved Vancouver Canucks compete on the biggest stage in hockey. The drought was long, but the wait was worth it. As the puck dropped for Game 1, the atmosphere inside Rogers Arena crackled with excitement, from the playing of U2’s ‘Where The Streets Have No Name to the wave of white towels.
The Canucks on the ice didn’t disappoint on opening night, staging a thrilling comeback to secure a 4-2 victory behind a strong performance from Dakota Joshua. The win sparked long-awaited celebrations that spilled out into the streets of Surrey, where fans gathered on Scott Road and 72nd to take in the moment. Waving Canucks flags and chanting “Go Canucks Go, the streets came alive with the passion and energy of playoff hockey.
But the celebrations weren’t confined to Surrey alone. Fans in Abbotsford gathered along South Fraser Way to share in the excitement.
This sense of unity and celebration is nothing new to Vancouverites; this tradition goes back decades, from the electrifying days of the West Coast Express era to the heartbreak and ecstasy of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final run. Memories of past playoff moments flood back, from the deafening cheers on Fraser Street and 49th Avenue after game 7 vs. Chicago to the jubilant honking horns after Kevin Bieksa’s historic game 5 goal.
Although I was only six years old at the time, I can still slightly remember the sights and sounds of those nights—the sea of blue and green jerseys, the deafening roar of the crowd, and the sense of unity in the air. It was a time when strangers became friends and neighbours became family, all united by their love for the game and their team.
Vancouver is the only Canadian city without a major outdoor viewing area for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Cities such as Toronto, Edmonton, and Winnipeg are all known for the crowds that stand and cheer outside their arenas and have gained recognition for this.
While the Canucks may not have such a gathering, these post-game celebrations truly show that the team and the city are “all in, all together.”

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