Canucks Conversation has a new look! How to watch, what we’re all about, and more

David Quadrelli
6 months ago
Have you watched Canucks Conversation yet? EVERYONE is tuning in, and you should too!
First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Quadrelli and I’m the Managing Editor of CanucksArmy and the Editor in Chief of The Nation Network. I’ve also been a cohost on Canucks Conversation for the past three years, going on four!
But what is Canucks Conversation?
It started as a podcast hosted by Chris Faber — a fellow CA writer — and featured various voices from Canucks Twitter. This started with fans, and as with any podcast, it didn’t have many listeners at the start. That all changed on episode five, when the late Jason Botchford joined the show as a guest, along with Harman Dayal (who is also a regular co-host on the podcast!)
Once Botch retweeted that episode, the number of listeners skyrocketed, and more than a couple of people said “hey, that host did a pretty good job; maybe I should keep listening to this!”
At that point, Canucks Conversation was truly born. The show remained in that format (Faber with a guest or two each episode) for a year, and in January 2020, Faber moved to the mainland and decided to pursue turning his love of podcasting into a full time job. He and I attended the BCIT Radio Arts & Entertainment program together, and our first joint episode was actually recorded in a BCIT studio!
Ever since, Faber and I have been co-hosts on the show, and last season, we made the jump to YouTube for a visual element, and started recording the show live five days a week!
We have a ton of fun each show and have a loyal viewership who interact with us in the YouTube live chat every day! You can count on up-to-the-minute coverage of both the AHL and NHL clubs, and we’ll have regular guest appearances from Abbotsford Canucks players this season!
Here is our full regular schedule:
Monday 1:30 PM
Tuesday 1:30 PM
Wednesday 1:00 PM
Thursday 1:30 PM
Friday 1:30 PM
You can expect regular appearances from Jeff Paterson, Frank Seravalli, Abbotsford Canucks players and other Canucks prospects, and can catch Harman Dayal co-hosting every Friday!
You can watch the show on the CanucksArmy YouTube channel Monday-Friday, and will find clips and segments of the show posted there!
We’ve got a brand new logo and layout as well, which we debuted today! See you at 1:30 today!

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