Canucks Conversation had its 300th episode and is launching as a daily live show next week!

David Quadrelli
1 year ago
Hey everyone!
As most of you already know, Canucks Conversation, hosted by Chris Faber and I — and sometimes Harman Dayal — has been the official podcast of CanucksArmy for quite some time now.
We’ve grown a loyal following, many of whom are also readers of CanucksArmy! 
Which is why we’re pleased to bring the news to you that yesterday, we recorded the 300th episode of the podcast and will be switching up the format beginning October 3rd!
You can listen to that episode here.
Next Monday, the show will be adding a video element and will be live streamed on Twitter and the Nation Network YouTube channel Monday-Friday at 1 PM Pacific.
We know some of you are exclusively readers of CanucksArmy and have no interest in podcasts, which is fine! That’s why we’re going to keep the daily podcast content tucked away in our “Shows” tab.
For those of you who want to check out the new show, you can do so beginning Monday, and if you missed the show, it will still be available in podcast form through your favourite podcast provider. On top of that, a full recording of the YouTube live stream will be posted on the site daily, along with some quick notes about what we talked about!
Listen to Canucks Conversation below:
It all starts next week and we’re looking forward to hearing from you in the live YouTube chat! You can find the podcast feed of our show by clicking here, and the Nation Network YouTube channel by clicking here.

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