Canucks’ All Access 2022 NHL Draft video reveals they had 15th overall pick Jonathan Lekkerimäki seventh on their draft board

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
Fans have been waiting some time for a behind-the-scenes NHL Draft video like the one the Canucks just posted.
It’s been a while since fans got a real behind-the-scenes look at the club’s drafting strategy, and the Canucks delivered on that, along with mic’d up videos from Canucks development camp out at UBC.
In 2018, the club posted a mic’d up video of Jim Benning at the draft that was just under four minutes long, and in 2020, they posted a “behind the scenes” video of the Canucks’ pre-draft war room that was just four minutes long and didn’t feature much of substance.
But in this year’s video, there’s plenty to chew on.
Perhaps most notable, however, were the discussions that the Canucks had at their draft table in Montreal before taking the stage to draft Jonathan Lekkerimäki 15th overall.
The video at the draft kicks off with Allvin taking a phone call and saying “pass on that one” followed by him informing his draft table that they wouldn’t be moving down.
Then Allvin says to Todd Harvey, “Lekkerimäki, we’ve got him at seven on our list for a reason, right? He’s a good player.”
“You guys are pounding the table for Lekkerimäki right? He’s the guy. He’s a top six scorer.”
Then Allvin picks up the phone again, and as if he’s a pitcher communicating with his catcher during a mound visit in baseball, covers his mouth and says “yeah, we’re going to pick.”
“Should be excited about this one,” an aerial shot shows Allvin saying to Harvey, both now on the draft stage.
“Oh yeah, it’s a steal,” replied Harvey. “The hardest thing to do is score goals.”
The Canucks proudly selected the skilled Swedish winger at 15th overall, and he impressed us at development camp just a few days later.
Lekkerimäki can absolutely rip the puck, and projects to be a top six scorer in the NHL one day. From the moment the Canucks picked him, Lekkerimäki immediately became the club’s top prospect.
We’ll have a full recap of the new all-access draft video dropping tomorrow morning.
Here’s the full 19 minute video:

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