Abbotsford Canucks announce dates for home opener and 5 special nights

By Faber
1 year ago
On the ice, the Abbotsford Canucks lived up to expectations, but off the ice, they surpassed them in their inaugural season.
The fanbase grew in Abbotsford due to the team leaving a footprint on the community with their donations to local businesses and charities, their fun atmosphere, and very successful theme nights this past season.
On Friday, Abbotsford announced the date of their home opener as well as five special nights at the Abbotsford Centre next season.
It’ll all begin with the home opener on Friday, October 28th, with Diwali night coming just 24 hours later on October 29th.
Diwali night was extremely successful last year in Abbotsford. The Canucks won 7-1 over the San Jose Barracuda and the stands were packed with the Canucks’ beautiful Diwali-designed gear.
Abbotsford is set to have a Veterans week and have a game to honour that week on Thursday, November 10th.
The Abbotsford Canucks didn’t have a veterans week last week, so this will be something new for the organization.
Country night is obviously returning to Abbotsford. The team will celebrate Country Night on Saturday, November 12th and is sure to put on a show like they did last year.
We will see the return of the Teddy Bear Toss on Saturday, December 3rd and a “Holiday in the Country” night on December 4th.
The Abbotsford Canucks did a good job last season in creating a fun environment and played some good hockey on the backs of their veteran stars and young talent. They will look to grow their fanbase even more and draw fans from all around BC to come and see what AHL hockey is all about.
To recap, here are the five special nights along with the home opener date for the Canucks at the Abbotsford Centre.
– Home Opener — Friday, October 28
– Diwali Night — Saturday, October 29
– Veterans Week Game — Thursday, November 10
– Country Night — Saturday, November 12
– Teddy Bear Toss — Saturday, December 3
– Holidays in the Country — Sunday, December 4

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